Pilots looking for staff positions

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I know there’s a link on ifvarb.com that lists all available staff positions for a VA .

Is there also a link or a place somewhere on the IFC that does the reverse?
As in. Is there a list of all pilots looking for a staff position?

Lots of VAs need more people than they realize. For other reasons. Like a media person or another flight instructor. Or something similar.

Instead of posting it to the ifvarb website, they could just look at the “unemployed pilots list”.

Also:please move my post if necessary.

Thanks and happy flying

No there isn’t, pilots just need to apply vie a staff position.

But it would make it so much easier to have a list of pilots looking for a VA job, no?

Well not all pilots want to be part of VA nor want to be a staff, I don’t know how that would work. Who will be updating that list?

Yes it would. I don’t think it would harm making that suggestion to the IFVARB board.

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I’m not saying all pilots have to do it.

As to updating that list goes… I’m not sure. Maybe have a spreadsheet or something where people can enter their IFC name and what position they would like

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