Pilots looking for a VA?

Interested in joining a Virtual Airline? The International Cargo Group is looking for pilots! We are a young and uprising airline looking for pilots of all ages and experience! Apply for a position on our website http://cessnapilot98.wix.com/fedexvirtualairlines… . Start your training, and begin flying various aircraft in various regions! join with other pilots and fly routes together or just get together for a casual flight with other pilots of the airline!

Any Questions can be asked at andrewjoynes96@gmail.com

Corporate Staff:
CEO- Dillon Greene
COO- Ryan Greene
President/Route Coordinator: Tristin Woolf

good luck bro! i’m actually registered for IF virtual organization

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I might join

The website doesn’t work for me?

it’s up and running what is going on for you ?

Link didn’t work 😧


Try this one