Pilots Logbook Improvements

So since global has come out, I have flown so many more hours, to more destinations, with more airlines than ever before.This being said I feel like the pilots log is in need of a revamp to better support our countless flights, destinations, and airlines.

Criteria which I believe should be added to document our flights in a more user friendly way.


There should be a category added which details what callsign/flight number was used for the flight.


There should be a category which talks which lists which shows which aircraft livery the flight was operated by, much like how it is shown in LiveFlight.


The last piece of criteria which should be added is a route map which shows visually using great circle route form where you have flown much like my.flightradar24.com does.This could be accomplished by the developers, or a third party app.

I believe pilots log improvements could benefit all users drastically providing reminders of a flight, as well as creating new user friendly ways of viewing your flight history.

Do you mean the ‘logbook’. Well, it’s getting reworked:


He does request a logbook feature, yes.

But what he requests isn’t confirmed to come with the next update (Livery, Callsign and Routemap).

I do like the idea of a routemap visible in the logbook. Not of a single flight but one map for every flight 🤔


Don’t remember to vote for your own feature!

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Isn’t a from and to destination enough? Why do we need to know the livery and route?

If you use liveflight and download the KML files into google earth it comes up as a map

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So the reason I suggested adding the livery is to seed a memory, of when someone fly’s a route, this helps to clarify the following hypothetical statement. So if were to fly the a320 from BOS-LAX on a certain date, I realize that from BOS-LAX, 5 airlines operate. So when looking back sometime down the road at all of your flights you can see which airline you flew, which can help someone re-imagine a flight.

In terms of the route map I imagined that it would show just the great circle routing.

I have attached a great example from my account on myflightradar.


This would be an amazing idea for a third party app. Let the small guys catch the dev’s crums. Great idea none the less.


This could be great for VA’s! Nice feature request!


I woud like to see the number of landing also
I can’t see it anymore ( if i don’t remember how many landings i’ve made during a touch&go’s flight)

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