Pilots... great job at KSAN

Just closed after 3hrs at KSAN… was a bit slow at first, but it got crazy busy an hour in! My hat is off to the pilots that handled sequencing out to 8 at times! I had a few fat finger goofs, but the session went extremely well. Thanks again for some amazing flying!


I was there in between. (TSK13 & TSK14)
Great service Gary, hats off!

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Thanks… My major pet peeve raised up its head and bit me… I had an aircraft on short final that disappeared from my screen… I waited a bit, figured he crashed, then cleared someone for takeoff. Just as he was starting to roll toward the runway, the missing aircraft appears at the threshold. I had to cancel takeoff for the guy I just cleared.

Great job! Sequenced me, cleared me for the option but still gave me necessary instructions and evidently had everything planned out perfectly when there were multiple aircraft at similar distances out. Even in the heaviest traffic you were always quick to make clearances. Never had to wait more than a few seconds. Solid effort sir!

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Great flying makes a huge difference! It’s a pleasure to control when you get the cooperation I was getting!

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