Pilots from Mexico

Hi. My name is Richard and I´m looking for friends and pilots from Mexico, until this moment I haven´t found some friends in infinite flight in Mexico and it could be interesting if we can fly around our country with the planes from Volaris, Mexicana and AeroMexico.

I Hope find good friends soon. Thank you.

Does this only include Mexicans, or are others also welcome?

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Hey there,
If you would like to get together with other Mexican pilots, I recommend a project like the following:

A discord server was created, and the post was made so it did not include the link, violating the guidelines. Instead, the link was available upon request via PM.

To me, this seems like your best option. In the future, you can explore creating some events as well! Good luck. :)

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Understood Jack thank you.

Happy Flights!!!

Thank you

Happy Flights!!!

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