Pilots flying to Doha,Qatar

Hello, I’ve noticed that many Pilots in IF flying to Doha,Qatar ( Qatar Airways Hub ) are actually landing at “OTBD” Instead of “OTHH” Thinking that it’s the Main airport, OTBD was the main airport until 2012 it was closed and no longer for passenger flights due to the opening of the New Hamad International Airport Airport Doha “OTHH”

Also note that Due to political reasons, Qatar Airways is NOT ALLOWED to fly to the UAE, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain and Egypt and is not allowed to even cross their airspace

Happy Landings!!


Speaking of which, please stop flying OMDB-OTHH. In real life it doesn’t exist 😡


I know this is gonna be way of topic but why are Grade 4 and 5 callsigns green and other Grades are white just of curiosity wanting to know sorry for the random topic im new✈


OMG I 100% agree, how did I forgot to note this lool ;) another annoying thing is people who fly Etihad Airways To Dubai lool ;)

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Because they are honored =)

Is that true true or is it a game thing thats actually cool then thanks alot😁

You’re welcome =)

before i fly to any region i search for the real life flight and see what airlines fly from A to B to make it more realistic, also searching for the Terminals and possibly the gate numbers if available,

recently i did the record flight from Auckland to Doha OTHH 17 hours long flight, Qatar Airways


I do exactly the same =) even the callsign and flight number, route (FPL) =) hope to see more doing this, have a wonderful day =)

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And stop flying Qatar Airways flights straight through UAE… 🙄

i don’t use irl callsigns or route, i don’t know how to copy a route to the FPL, some routes have so many way points i wonder if i am supposed to find them one by one?! like how do you copy a real FPL especially for long flights that have many waypoints,. usually i set a flight plan based on irl wind conditions like “Jet streams” and try to calculate my step-climb pre flight but the hardest part is fuel calculation LOL

Sooo True ;) I always avoid it when flying my favorite airline Qatar Airways.

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It’s perfectly fine if people on a sim ignore world politics. If it bothers you so much, don’t watch others fly there.


It did exist though and I flew it so I shall continue to do so on IF. The realism but hasn’t infected me.

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I will. It existed for a long time and I flew that route a few times irl

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Guess i have to end my planned flight then :(