Pilots flying into EGCC on the Expert Server

Hi everyone,

Over the past few hours, if you’ve flown into EGCC you were in the long crazy approach line. A couple of factors contributed to this:

  • Winds. Winds were about 50kts on 4000 feet, making the downwind leg long due to high speeds. People who were doing 200IAS were about 260kts ground speed. When aircraft were cleared for the approach and on final they were slowed down significantly to 180-140 kts.
  • One runway for inbounds. With 23L as a back-taxi runway and having many departures, 23R was the arrival runway for 99.5% of the flights.
  • Everyone out of school, leading to many more flights.
  • Some pilots not responding to commands promptly, messing up the line and delaying other flights. Not pointing fingers but it happened quite a few times.

I was controlling final approach at EGCC for 1.5 hours. Part of being a good controller is recognizing where you went wrong. Thus being said, I’d like to apologize to any of you if you experienced any poor service, severe delays, etc.

Thank you everyone, hope to see you in the skies again soon.



No need to apologize!

It is pilots problem, if they wan to get to EGCC, they must obey you!


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