Pilots Flying at KSAN 190400ZJAN16

Was controlling KSAN TWR on TS1 for the past hour. Probably some of the best TS1 pilots I’ve ever controlled. Very surprising because a lot of the pilots were lower level, but very patient when holding short and followed nearly all the commands. If you were flying at KSAN withinthe past hour, I would appreciate some feedback on how my controlling was.

Also, if there is a user here with the callsign COASARIC I would like you to PM me. Grade 4 pilot flying the A340.


Looking for more feedback in addition to KSAN…

Open at KONT on TS1 for next 30-35 minutes.

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Sorry I missed you controlling!

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No worries David!

I will be back over the weekend :)

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Even blind peanuts occasionally find a squirrel. Good for those pilots and happy to hear about a good experience on TS1.

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