Pilots dodging clouds!

I don’t know if its just me but I absolutely hate it when the pilots dodge clouds in a flight! I know cumulus have lots of down drafts and up drafts along with thermals, but I don’t see how pilots get clearance to dodge clouds like every 4 minutes please help explain this to me!

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Weather RADAR gives us a good view of what is around us, so we aren’t dodging clouds persay, we are dodge extreme thermals.


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Really radar shows thermals, i thought it only showed rain?

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RADAR shows density of the objects in front. Thermals is a pocket of dense air and can be picked up. As you approach a storm, you’ll see a greater density and can actually see the updraft occurring, it’s pretty cool stuff.

The weather radar monitors vertical motion of raindrops allowing for red, yellow and green precipitation returns and, in the case of some radars, turbulence. (magenta blocks)

Trust me, you do NOT want to fly through the middle of an active CB (cumulus nimbus).

Severe turbulence, as often found in CB’s, is the loss of control of the flight path of the aircraft, the inability to control the aircrafts speed or the inability of the pilots to see the instrumentation! Unless you’ve experienced it you wouldn’t really know quite how unpleasant it really is!

As for avoiding, we generally ask for deviation up to a certain distance left or right of track to avoid weather and then gently meander around the clouds.


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Wow that’s sweet, but how do pilots get clearance to dodge so often?

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