Pilots do you need help with ATC Commands?

Hello Everyone, My name is Zach Currin and I am an Advanced IF Controler and I have seen lots of confusion when controlling on the Advanced Server/Playground Server, some seem to not know the commands as well as others but that’s okay! You can always get through it and figure things out one by one! That’s why I’m here! I want to help all of the Pilots who fly on the Advanced Server and the Playground Server, I want all to understand the basics of air traffic controlling. If you don’t understand some things that ATC may throw at you just PM me, if you have any questions about what a command might mean then just PM me! I’m always here to help! Also, for all you air traffic controllers on the playground server if you are ever confused on what some commands mean or how or when they should be used just PM me!

Zach Currin
Advanced Air Traffic Controller

Happy Landings, and Safe Flights!


What does PM MEAN?

Private message


Thatnnk for answering him.

Hi just need to know when saying back taxi to one or two aircrafts at same time there are only two options 1 line up and wait 2 contact ground when off runway but if two or more aircraft taxi together first one line up and wait but second and third aircracft just need them to hold short so what is the right way to do it hope this makes sense

Wayne, Could you PM with a better understanding?