Pilots & Controllers: Tips, Tutorials, and Tricks (Part One)

Ahh! thanks a lot for the tutorial. Waiting for part 2.

What does ‘expedite’ mean???

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Nope, max throttles so you end up on the grass. Jk.

@MitchellJames: Eh. Those sort of instructions were meant to emphasize that you really need to leg it for takeoff. Your suggested procedures are great, which is much appreciated. As controllers, all we care about is that you’re off and running before the plane behind you crashes into you and creates a combustible fireball. 'Nuff said. :D

@SAA_A346: No problem! “Expedite” means to do the requested action as quickly as you can, basically.

@Benny_Teitelbaum: Thank you! It took quite a bit of work to get everything typed up, but I don’t mind. Educating others on proper procedures is what I wish to do. :D

@stephenswann: If I had a laughing emoticon on me, I would use it. Props to you.

@Rotate: I like to call it… “observing from afar.” Distant gaze into the moon above us crosses face all philosopher-style-like.

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I appreciate those words. It definitely indicates to me that you enjoyed the reading, which I’m pretty pleased about! It took a lot of work, but I managed to scrap together Part One. Part Two should be coming sometime soon, which I hope will help others. It really does warm my heart to see people in this simulator learn new things every day, which is great!

Again, thanks for the words! Your support throughout all of this has been astronomical. Thank you. :D

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Thanx for the post

This needs to be brought up again. I have been seeing many people use the wrong commands/not knowing what commands mean.

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Hi, someone can explain me how to use ILS for inbound.

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Very useful post

If I am flying and I see the holding pattern on the screen I can follow it with NAV? Also, is there an easy what to see if an airspace has is being controlled by ATC?

No, unfortunately, it’s not possible at this stage.

Yes, the airport should be highlighted in green colour instead of the usual white. To see what particular frequencies are active, simply click on the airport and you’ll see all the frequencies which are open.

Apparently I’m flying in an active airspace and the tower is trying to reach me, but it doesn’t allow me to tune to the radio and doesn’t show up in my frequencies?

That is a known glitch and not exclusive to you. IFATC are aware of this glitch and will do their best to work around you.

Tip: If this happens again, please screenshot the airport info on the map to prove that you couldn’t tune into a frequency, which will allow you to more than likely have your ghost revoked if you’re ghosted for not tuning in.

Please include in part 2 which taxiway to take when taxiing to runway/parking. I see most people using the lane closest to the runway while taxiing to the runway but that blocks others from exiting the runway so just to clarify.

That’s OK isn’t it? The guy behind you needs to keep his distance, if they get too close they will get told to go around by ATC.

Very helpful! Thank you!

Tanx for ur help

Erm…interesting analogy…but funny

This… This is so so needed, great post!!!