Pilots/ATC using dramatisation in transmissions

It seems whenever you listen to ATC feeds, the pilots and ATC always finish their communication with an emphasised word. For example: Qantas 140 requesting visual approach Runway 34Lefttt…

Have any of you noticed this?

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Just to clarify so that you are not misheard over the radios

Well, not all pilots do it. It happens mostly with pilots that sound like they’re in a happy mood. I was just listening to the YSSY Tower frequency and the pilot of Singapore 221 spoke in monotone with no emphasised words. I don’t think it was his day.

when you’ve got 100k infos on a minute, you search on your memory…

Tower: Clear to land runway 34 left
[other(s) plane(s) speaking ~ 40sec]
Quantas: clear to land runway 34 le(memory working)fffttt(! it’s that !)t.



they probably empathise it so then atc knows it’s them

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