Pilots at @EGLC

Hello pilots.

Over the past few hours if you have been to EGLC you probably had: Gate hold, delays on ground while taxing, longer lines then usual on approach.


  • Gate Hold: If your in a parking spot you probably have notice in ATIS a gate hold. After you asked ONCE to taxi no need to keep sending command after command every minute.

  • Today’s LCY NOTAM: (credit @Raidon23)
    As per the new notam, a318 is the largest aircraft

  • A318s as the largest aircraft permitted

  • No other Airbus aircraft

  • No Boeing aircraft permitted at all

  • No E195s. All other E-jets accepted

  • No other jet aircraft bar private aircraft

  • Parking: IF your going to use GA please park at the GA parking near 08. No need to full up a gate while people are waiting for a gate to be open.

  • Back Taxi please expedite: If you don’t know what back taxi is please search it up don’t go all the way to the hold short line and don’t know what it is. Once your on the runway please EXPEDITE means to move your butt. Go around 35kts on the runway, reason is traffic might be close, so you don’t want someone to go-around and be your fault.

Last But Not Least Just Be Patient!

More Info! :D

Don’t fly if you don’t have time!

All This Info Is From A Pilots View!


Thanks Thomas,I just finished my control in EGLC. Traffic is heavy. Every one should be patient.Thanks again!


Welcome thanks for being an amazing controller. See you in the skies!

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Thanks for the post! I was manning EGLC approach this morning and had to deny quite a few pilots in CRJs. Remember, by the conditions stated above, CRJs are too large and will be denied entry.

Hoping that everyone stays safe and enjoys today’s ATC!


Yes as I was on approach into EGLC saw people trying to approach in with A321 and B737. I was like “what!” Did you not read the NOTAM with the red circle!

Great post! I believe this will help pilots understand more of what us as ATC are asking of them! :)

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Yes. Always trying to help out the community. At really simple, but hard airport to control at it could be difficult for everyone.

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