Pilots are unable to communicate with me (ATC)

Hello. I have a serious problem. Whenever I log into the Expert Server as ATC, some messages from some pilots do not reach me. This seems to be at all frequencies. As I don’t know when and what they ask for, the pilots remain unanswered on my part.

Tonight I almost missed 2 or 3 OTHH landing requests. They only got permission to land because I became aware of the problem and gave permission “without them asking”.

The photo below shows what happened. From the photo we can see that the pilot requested a pushback, but the message was as if the pilot was on another frequency, because it was not read by the system, the plane did not flash yellow or the frequency button. I cleaned the cache, but it didn’t work.
The problem started a few days before the release of v20.2. I reported in the Open Beta category, but I don’t know if it was seen because it was on the eve of the official launch.

Device: Motorola One | Android 10
Version: 20.02 (991)

Have you updated to the New and current version and not the Beta? That maybe why? Or else it could be you internet connections

Are you still on 20.1 or did you update IF to 20.2?

@ILOVE7879-2.0 @Captain-787 I already upgraded to the official v20.2, it is not beta. And my internet is also good. As I said, this started a few days before the official release of v20.2.

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I have tried to ask you 2/3 times the approach at LTFM but you weren’t responding. Then you asked me a “say approach request”. Now I see why. I hope you will solve this problem


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