Pilots are flying above north Korean airspace

Well, I’ve just took off from the beautiful airport is Seoul with a THAI 777-200. When I filled my flight plan I made a big turn after taking off, why is that? Because a mile in front of me there is a not very nice country called North Korea.
Well, I was one of a few pilots who did it, most of the pilots continued straight to North Korea.
If the main intention is realism maybe a notam about it could help. In real life these pilots were already dead or captured I guess…


It’s no big deal. People fly over many places in the US with no fly zones. That can be said for the whole world.


Well, the FNF is in RKSI and not the whole world…

I’m referring to the fact that all over the world there are no fly zones


I do agree that we can’t add that everywhere but today since the FNF I think we should

I flew over the KEGE no fly zone in a 767. However, the NOTAM says that the ceiling is 15,000 feet, so in that case it was allowed.

Unless flight radar 24 was tripping I saw planes over the DPRK multiple times


Flightradar24 was “tripping” then. There’s not many receivers in China-North Korea area, so it’s hard to get accurate location data. Only flights to/from the DPRK are allowed in their airspace.

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S7 Airlines can fly over North Korea

RKSI has 3 parallel runways so typically ATIS will say straight out only. Do not turn immediately to avoid entering NK airspace - that may result in a ghost.

Last time I checked missiles and nukes were still not feature in IF, so everyone is safe :).

What for reals? Is it because they are Russians? And Russians and NK were friends lol

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No idea really

Yes, Russia has good relations with them

Well, you really won’t be able to follow all the rules and airspace regulations from the real world. In real world, if the regulations said you can’t fly over North Korea airspace, then you can’t. Actually you can’t fly over any airspace without permission, which I think it’s super normal for the North Korean airspace. For example, in Beijing, the regulations said you can’t fly over the Beijing city even for CB or other situation, I know this might sounds weird and it does even for me. But there’s no choice, rules are rules. Most pilot in IF won’t follow or even notice these regulations, which is totally fine, it’s the infinite sky to fly.

Yes but it’s Expert Server and it’s suppose to be realistic

Jeez, no need to be so morbid about it. And no, there would not be immediate striking if the aircraft or capturing. That’s a slippery slope that even Kim Jong Un knows has specific restrictions.

So most flagship airlines advise their pilots to stay away from DPRK airspace. One complications could arise to where the aircraft could be forced to land the other is the charge of over flying the airspace. This could be seen as violation of economic sanctions put on the country. While the DPRK follows the ICAO rules it just is not worth the fees or potential danger to fly in its airspace. The regime has expressed alot of voice in getting international air travel but time will tell how that request pans out.

But there is no air defense danger in IF so to each their own. Cheers!

This has been discussed many times before.

The IF world is a peaceful world without the need for no fly zones. If you choose to not fly over certain points of land that it totally up to you.

Let’s please take the politics out of this thread as the OP was referring to IF procedures.


I’ll fly over Pyongyang then lol

Yah, I mean it’s the Infinite sky, it’s created so you can fly around the world where you want to. It’s not bad to try to follow real world rules to make it realistic but you don’t need to