Pilots and family

So I’m considering to become a pilot but I’m worried about the future with the whole family thing. Like do you have enough time with them? How can you get a wife when you’re always traveling? What about raising children? Isn’t it hard to be away on holidays like Christmas? What do you do during a long haul? Is it easy to get depression? Can it be boring to fly the same routes over and over? Do you get friends easily?

I just a bunch of questions about the whole pilot profession. Can someone who is familiar to this respond, or others who share the same question I need some answers please.

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Pilots who fly short hauls are still away from home often. It’s just instead of flying one long flight they’ll fly four short ones.

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But wouldn’t that result in multiple flights all over the place to add up to what a long haul would?

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Yeah sorry, didn’t think that one through


I think everyone who is currently a pilot or who wants to be a pilot in the future worries about family life/quality of life. I know a pilot who absolutely loves his job, since his home base is where he grew up, and he met his wife relatively close to his base. They now have children, and are living comfortably and happily. He has never moved bases, since his airline is very flexible and has a need to fill his home base with pilots. So, it is understandable that he loves what he does and wouldn’t change a thing about his life. On the other hand, I know other pilots who switch their bases constantly and don’t have a family of their own, simply because they are so busy with work and travel. If you want to become a pilot, you need to weigh the pros and cons of the airline and their policies for bases/travelling very heavily, as that could decide if you start a family or not. I’ll leave you this video from Mentour Pilot for more in-depth info. (it’s quite old, but still very useful).

I hope you get the answers you’re looking for, and I wish you the best of luck in your journeys :)

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Like do you have enough time with them?

Define enough.

Depends on your gig. Some pilot gigs have you flying out and back. For example Allegiant Airlines is one of the few airlines that do a lot of out and back, so you are home almost every night. So if family time is that important to you a gig like that would work better for you. Also if you fly corporate planes for some rich universities, they do a lot of out and back trips 4-5 days a week.

How can you get a wife when you’re always traveling?

Find a wife who is ambitious and as driven as you are. You can’t become a pilot if you don’t have those qualities. My wife is a doctor, so she understands what it took me to become a pilot. The level of commitment it took on my end. Divorce rates are insanely high in the Aviation industry for a reason.

What about raising children?

Assume you may miss the first time they walk, talk, say dada, miss their birthdays (not all, but most). Other than that when you are home spend a lot of quality time with them before you go on the road. I don’t like the thought of that, but I’ve come to terms of it. If you don’t you will be one of those pilots i hate flying with who complain about everything.

Isn’t it hard to be away on holidays like Christmas?

Assume you will miss both or one of them every year. This year will be my first Thanksgiving and Christmas with the family in two years . Again, just come to terms to it. The sooner the better for you.

That said there are some corporate gigs that don’t operate on holidays. Commercial jobs you can get those days off based off the bidding system once you build enough seniority.

What do you do during a long haul?

Read. Do calculations for fuel, weather, read a book…

Is it easy to get depression?

It can happen. If you do or are and are on meds, it’s going to be long road to get back into aviation.

Can it be boring to fly the same routes over and over?

Depends. Through your track in Aviation you will find what works best for you.

Do you get friends easily?

If you are the social type you will have friends all over the world.


I watch Captain Joe and know that when doing long hauls, you don’t fly as much. (He flies the 747-8F).

Thank you so much that helped me a lot!

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