PilotPeanutButter's Radar Tracking Thread - [CLOSED] @ N/A

Hello there! I am currently an IFATC specialist and in training to become an Officer. I’m looking to improve my skills as a radar controller.

Services I can currently provide:

  • ILS

  • Visual

  • Radar vectors

When flying please report any of the following issues that occur:

Separation busts and terrain busts.

Separation: All aircraft must keep 3 nautical miles of lateral separation and 1000 feet of vertical separation at all times.

Terrain separation: All aircraft must have a minimum of 1000 feet AGL (above ground level) of separation with the terrain at all times.

Pilot Etiquette:

  • Please fly at reasonable speeds at all times

  • Please follow instructions I give as soon as possible

Airport information:

Airport: N/A

Status: CLOSED

Runway in use: N/A

Approach types available: ILS, Visual, and Radar Vectors


This tracking thread is approved by my trainer: @TaipeiGuru


Rumor has it he spreads peanut butter on the runway while you aren’t looking…


PHKO approach open
Runway 17 in use. ILS, Visuals, and Radars vector permitted.



I’m spawning now!

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Coming in now!

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Absolutely flawless. Good work!

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Thanks for coming!!

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Hey! I was Z-OOM

No issues on the VIS- great job!

For my ILS, you can turn my DW a bit earlier. Runway heading is 355 so if you give me a 350 heading on DW I will still be flying west from the airport, not parallel to the ILS cone.

Late on the ILS intercept, continuous turn to final. No other issues! Thanks.

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Thank you for the feedback, and coming!

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PHKO approach now closed
Thanks to all that came!

Feedback (CC-NPR):


  • Great GPS, however a speed restriction would have made it perfect to avoid a possible sep bust with Z-OOM on final.

Radar Vectors:

  • Pattern was a bit tight.
  • No speed restrictions.
  • Good handoff.


  • Efficient vectoring.
  • Perfect intercept and handoff.


  • Perfect position for the RAIS.
  • Good handoff.

Flight Following:

  • No conflicts.
  • Good handoff.

Great job, Isaac! Let’s ignore N65RW lol
Don’t be insecure of sending speed restrictions when necessary, they will create even better results ;)

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Thank you so much!

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Tag me next time you open! I’ll be happy to attend if I’ll be active!

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Same here! Or shoot me a PM in Discord! I love helping out!


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