PilotPeanutButter’s ATC Tracking Thread - [CLOSED] @N/A [PRACTICAL PASSED]

Hey I am a new ATC looking to improve upon my skills! Feedback is greatly appreciate!

Airport: KFAT

Server: Training

Frequency’s: Ground and Tower


There’s no active ATC at KMCI

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Yea sorry I just closed I forgot to say close. If your still open I will open back up!

Alright! If you have time right now, I would like fly some pattern work

Ok sounds good I will open up right now!

Thanks for the service,Here is my feedback

  1. After airborne you give me RWY19R clear to land, if aircraft request fly pattern or inbound touch and go, you should give Number 1 RWY19R clear for the option, if aircraft inbound touch and go or request runway change should add left/right traffic
  2. After I request runway change, you must give pattern entry same as request inbound for landing

The correct instruction for runway change should be( Enter right downwind RWY 19L)(Number 1 19L clear for the option after option make left traffic, this part you did well, Good job,For inbound for landing is Enter left base RWY 19R)(Number 1 RWY 19R clear to land)

Exit runway below 70kts that’s great✅
Transition Approved 4000✅
Pattern entry❌
Clear for option ❌

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Oh ok thanks for the feedback. Do you think we could go back and I can try to fix my mistakes?

Sure,change airport so i can test your Left/right downwind

What airport?

Let’s go KSSC

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Sorry if I don’t fix my mistakes right away I’ll try my best tho!

Hey I don’t really understand transitions. What am I supposed to do?

Hello :)

Transitions are quite simple. A transition is when a pilot wants to fly through your airspace (take note, it may not always be over the airport). To give a proper transition, the aircraft must be at least 2,500AGL. Let’s take KSFO. for example.

KSFO’s height above water is 13 feet.


Therefore, to be safe, we need to issue the transition at 3’000 ft. because they would be flying below 2’500 AGL otherwise.

Does this make sense?

(Please take note that this is only advice as I’m not an IFATC trainer.)

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Yes that makes a lot more sense thank you!

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Good :) glad to hear it.

Second feedback
I request touch and go, must give Pattern entry, Pattern entry , Pattern entry! Before clearanceIMG_0748|434x291

Transition should be above 2500, KSSC AGL is 242 nearest to 500, +jet pattern 1500 + 500 free space=2500(for safety we recommend 1000ft)=3000, 4000 is pretty high

Go around is good, clear for option no left/right traffic because you already said after option make right traffic

What pattern entry should I have given?

Enter left downwind RWY 22R check picture above

Oh ok thanks for the feedback. I’ll study this a bit more and then maybe we can test my skills in a couple days?

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Sure, tag me if you open again