PilotKoki14's ATC Tracking Thread - [CLOSED] @N/A

For pilots who’s departing :

Please file your flight plan before contacting ATC. Tower control there will be realistic as much as possible.

For pilots who’s going to use remaining in the pattern :

I’ll use Runway 34L / runway 16R.

Server : Training Server


Still opening!

Still opening! Enjoy!

Closing in 5 minutes

Closed. Thanks for joining!!

Hey man! Good job. Just a few things:

1 - you told me to contact tower whilst still taxiing to the prescribed runway
2 - I was instructed to take left traffic after takeoff, however once in the air you repeatedly told me to enter right downwind (that’s why I said “I’m sorry” when on left downwind).

Apart from those two everything felt good! Sequencing was good, and ground control was good too! Keep on going bud :-)

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Thanks for your advice man!
Yes, at the time I thought I need to know about the sequence system more.
But I am just happy that you joined RJTT and flew!

I’ll practice more 💪

Will you be opening again or not ? ;)

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Well, I am going to open again at 10:00 am UTC!
I’ll be glad you will join RJTT on Training Server!

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Is it possible for you to open before 1000Z ?

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I will! but now, there is a controller so I will join when it’s empty.

Lmk when you’re controlling. I’ll come fly some patterns

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I’m in RJAA Tower now. Hope to you see there!

It’s still on at RJTT so I am controlling in RJAA!

still opening!

Closed! Thanks everyone!

Hi, good job and thanks for the service!

Some feedback:

  • Before approving pushback, make sure that the aircraft requesting it is capable of pushing back (my TBM wasn’t), and that the aircraft is in a position where pushback is needed

  • The takeoff clearance already included a instruction to make left traffic, so there is no need to send another pattern entry instruction (‘enter left downwind rwy 34L’) after takeoff

  • You instructed me and the other planes to turn right base a few times while we were making left traffic, so I think you meant left base and just confused the two :P

  • At some point you sequenced the other 2 planes in the pattern as number 4 and 5 which is not possible because we were only flying the pattern with 3 planes and there were no other inbound planes.

  • After you cleared me for the option, I called inbound for landing. After that you cleared me to land but there was no need for that as I was already cleared for the option. Next time if someone does this send them ‘already cleared to land’.

Anyways, good job controlling a pattern with 3 different aircraft and good awareness of our seperation and speeds.


Thanks for your great advice!
It was hard because I don’t really know about pattern works 😖😅

That was fun tho! Thanks 😊

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Hey mate ! I was SWR34E with the SWISS Boeing 777-300ER ! First I thank you for the session, and here I have some feedbacks related to your training session :

  • I was taxiing to runway 34L when you asked me to hold position. You could just have asked me to follow aircraft ahead, and then it is my work to maintain safe distance with aircraft ahead ;)

  • I asked for takeoff, remaining in the pattern. You cleared me for takeoff, make left traffic. You do not need to ask to enter left downwind as I know I will be flying on the left downwind after my left 180 😁

  • You cleared me for the option, runway 34L. As I still do Touch and Go, and I already know I must make left trafic, you do not need to add the “make left traffic” instruction again, unless you want to change the direction of the pattern !

  • You sequence Japan … number 4, but we were only 3 in the pattern … I was looking at the radar to see where an other aircraft was coming from 😅.

  • You cleared me number 4 ( I would have been number 3) , behind the traffic on left base, but an aircraft had just landed. Therefore he’s no longer in the final pattern. I would therefore have been number 2, traffic to follow is on final ;)

On my third pattern, I asked for a runway change to runway 34R. I was still on the left downwind for a while, and you asked me to enter right base ??? You should have sequenced me : enter left downwind runway 34R, number 3, traffic to follow is on right base, as an other aircraft was already on right base rwy 34R. You saw the conflict coming and you asked me to make a 360 for spacing … left and right 360’s shouldn’t be given when aircraft are on a base leg, (or on final approach) as they can interfere with other aircraft in other stages of the pattern, especially those on downwind for the runway, or if any are turning base or on final for a parallel runway. It also gives a chance that the aircraft could overfly the airport whilst performing the 360, which isn’t standard procedure. It is much more appropriate to give a ‘go-around’ to ensure that there is no interference with other traffic, and to ensure there will be sufficient separation created from the manoeuvre.

Thanks once again for your session and do not hesitate to ask again for training ;) Have a nice day mate ;)

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Can we chat to make it better?