PilotKoki14’s ATC Tracking Thread - [CLOSED] @ EGTK


EGTK is located near by EGLL. Great place for practice.

: Training server
: departure only Runway 19, 29

Coming by!

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I will come for a few patterns.

When you have some time, I recommend you check out this thread.

Hi there, I just flew for you as PH-ADZ and want to give you some feedback.

I really recommend you watch the IFATC training videos.
Specifically watch: Ground control, Tower inbound, Tower Advanced and Sequencing.

Here are 10 golden rules you need to know, so you can do a good job controlling via your tracking thread.

  1. Watch aircrafts on your platform. Good Ground control is important. Use hold position and give way instructions. Give way instructions are sometimes given before a taxi instruction.
  2. Understand the concept of the Pattern. Know your departure, crosswind, downwind, base and final legs.
  3. every new inbound always first gets a pattern entry instruction, to inform the pilot how he should approach
  4. Every runway change always first gets a pattern entry instruction
  5. sequencing is your friend ”. Very important. It is used to tell pilots who to follow. Re-sequence if this helps to provide clarity. Extend downwind, I’ll call your base, and speed instructions are not meant for sequencing. Use sequence instructions, as many and as often as is needed .
  6. Use I’ll call your base , to delay the base turn of an inbound aircraft. Apply this to create space to allow outbound aircrafts to depart, or to avoid clashes with other aircrafts.
  7. aircrafts remaining in the pattern get clearance for a touch and go with an exit takeoff direction. This is needed only once. After this, the pilot will assume the same exit direction (number 1, cleared for the option, after the option make left traffic).
  8. Timely clearance for landing or for the option
  9. landed aircrafts all get a runway exit instruction . Know your exit procedures
  10. For aircrafts that need to fly through (not over/above) Tower’s airspace make sure you assign the correct Transition Altitude .

Specific feedback from me:

  • ground control: you spotted the potential conflict, and issued a ‘give way’ instruction. You even thanked the pilot 👏🏼
  • no need for a ‘continue taxi’ after a ‘give way’. This is only used after a ‘hold position’.
  • you had a few aircrafts in the pattern, but I missed your sequence instructions. Because of that, it was unclear who needed to follow who. See item 5 in the Golden Rules. One of the IFATC training videos in on sequencing. sequencing is critical to manage Tower’s inbounds.
  • you twice issued a go-around instruction to N687HS. This was incorrect. See here on go-around.
  • you asked for my intentions after my first touch and go. I had already given my intentions when I requested for takeoff. I wanted to remain in the pattern. There is no need to ask for my intentions.
  • don’t forget your landing/option clearance. I felt I had to bed for mine 😉

Fix your tracking thread with the info provided, study the golden rules, watch these videos 5 times, and who knows…see you in the IFATC team 👍🏼


Hey there!
I was JAY-636 in the TBM

You seem to know the basics of controlling but I observed many mistakes.

1.) When you told me to give way to @azeeuwnl, you told me to give way to aircraft ahead, when really he was on my left.

2.) After there was no more conflict with us, you told me to continue my taxi. This was unnecessary because you did not tell me to hold position. Once I gave way, I am supposed to continue my taxi without any clearance.

3.) In the air, you did not give me any sequencing. This is very important as I need to know who I am following in the pattern.

4.) You didn’t give me a clearance for the option on my first pattern.
Without this clearance, I technically am not allowed to land! Thats why I had to announce a Go Around.

5.) You should be clearing aircraft earlier than short final. I had to announce my position 4 times because you never gave me a clearance to land.

I hight suggest that you watch Infinite Flight’s tutorials on YouTube or in #tutorials so that you can get a better grasp of controlling.
I see the potential in you. Ya just gotta keep practicing, practicing and practicing!
Happy controlling!


Last landing clearance was really mistake I’m sorry about that😅

Your advice helps me a lot.

Actually it’s difficult to control the buttons. There are a lot and small.
I am going to be a nice controller soon.

Still open

*Both runways (19,29) are short runway. Be aware of that.

Hello PilotKoki14! My username is Humars and my callsign is N687HS, I was one of the attendants for your session today. It has been somewhat of a good/nice to a bad flight, but not to forget here’s your general feedback:


You did quite well, you gave proper taxi instructions and attempted to avoid conflict almost properly.


You should wait for aircraft to give you their intentions before giving any instruction. As an example, you told me to line up and wait for runway 29 as soon as I switched to the tower frequency without saying any of my intentions. Also, when you gave the taxi instruction it said for me to contact tower when ready, so you don’t need to give me a frequency change because I would have already contacted tower once I am ready.

Also, when I did give my intentions to remain in the pattern it seems like you thought I was departing from your airspace. This is incorrect, pattern aircraft don’t have intentions to depart your airspace anytime soon because their depature and arrival airport will be the same airport.

When I was turning crosswind or on downwind and I stated by then that I wasn’t departing your airspace, you cleared me to land. You should only do that if they’re inbound aircraft from another airport or if they told you that they were going to land. If those two don’t apply, then you should clear them for the option (allowing them to land, do a touch & go, a stop & go or a low pass on the runway).

All other improvements were said by Plane_geek_101 and azeeuwnl. Take the improvements into consideration and implement them in your next session and other sessions.

Otherwise, you did good and have a potential. Hope to see you in your next session!

P.S.: I also just want to apologize in my end for any mistakes I made, particularly with trying to find the correct parking spot for the A319-100 :/.

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Hi Humars! Thanks for joining and giving me some great advises!

I was struggled a lot. And you wrote here as I thought that was mistakes haha

Thanks! Hope to see you soon :)

No problem!

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close now

How is it tracking thread if you want it closed? Not much tracking, huh?

Maybe I controlled for 20 minutes?
But it’s enough to control there and I learned a lot.

So you never plan on opening again to practice more in a foreseeable future?

No, he means the session is closed not the topic :/.

I think he meant that he wanted to close the session, not the topic

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Nope. He flagged his own topic for closure.

I am going to do next time. Actually it’s late night here haha

I think he has the idea that each session needs its own topic which isn’t the case.


@anon50176895 - i strongly suggest you read the links in the PM i sent to you the other day. One of the things you would have known if you did, is what @Humars just mentioned.


Alright. I’ll read them.