PilotFabian's ATC Tracking Thread - [CLOSED] @FAOR

Hey guys,

welcome to my ATC Tracking Thread. My name is Fabian, I’m from souther germany and currently in the process for becoming an IFATC.
I did already passed my theoreticall exam but didn’t had that much luck during the practical one.
I will try to open some airports whenever I find the time so feel free to come and join me for some patterns.
Looking forward to your support 🤘

Trainer: @NJ24
Current Status:
Server: Training
Airport: FAOR
RWYs: 03L 03R
Frequencies: Ground | Tower


KSSC will still stay open for about 60min.

Hey mate

Feedback from G-LWIS

  • Correct transition altitude
  • Good pattern entry from inbound traffic
  • Great clearances at the correct times, especially the use of “after the option, make right/left tfc” for each runway change made
  • Good exit command, not late at all
  • Good awareness, preparation and planning


  1. When I announced full stop on 04R and was given the “exit runway to the left, hold short 04L”. This was fine however it would have been more reasonable/appropriate to give the “exit runway to the left, cross runway 04L, contact ground when on the taxiway”. Basically because there was no other aircraft in your airspace, there was no other traffic on ground and it saves you sending 2 extra messages, not that its a deal anyways but saves time ultimately and is generally more efficient way of doing it. If there was traffic short final or departing on 04L, this would have been fine using the “exit— hold short 04L” but in this case it would have been more efficient using the cross runway exit command instead
  2. Just 1 late clearance on the 4/5th circuit on 04L. I recommend, on the 2nd+ circuits to just issue the cleared for the option clearance once the aircraft is back airborne on crosswind/downwind rather than short final for the runway but this only happened once and the rest were very well timed and managed
  3. When I requested the final runway change from 04L to 04R, I was issued the correct pattern entry and clearance but after the first circuit on 04R after the runway change, the second circuit I was issued with the same “after the option, make right traffic”. I had already been instructed on my first circuit to “after the option make right traffic” which was good as I had just requested a runway change but after the first one is issued, its not needed for every touch and go after that but you only used that once which might have just been a hiccup for you, nothing too much to worry about

Overall, great work mate! Very impressive and you have loads of potential. Good luck and hope tom see you in IFATC soon! :)

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Thanks for the feedback and your time 👍

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Hey, I was N458WU!

I thought you did an amazing job! I didn’t find any major mistakes that you made

There was just one minor thing. Upon my exit command you instructed me to exit left of the runway. Although there is nothing wrong with this, I could have also exited the runway by turning right onto the ramp on the east side of the airport. So what I would have just given the pilot “Exit runway when able, cross runway 4L”, in case if they were to exit left. Besides that though, great work! Hope to see you in IFATC soon!

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KSSC is now closed
@lew1s_h02 @Bryan4558 thank you guys for joining and for your feedback. Have a great day 😉

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You as well mate 👍🏼

Hey there, I am once again open if you have time feel free to enter KADW for some quick patterns.
KADW will stay open for about 40 min from now.

Hello @PilotFabian I am Southwest 588VA. My FPL is 10nm south of KADW I am heading into KBWI
I was wondering if I can stay south of u
I will be at 9000FT

All good, you can fly a transition at or above 3000ft. Thanks for asking 👍

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Roger that thanks

KADW is now closed.

Open, at FAOR. If you have time feel free to stop by for some patterns 😉
@lew1s_h02 @Bryan4558

Can come in just under 1hr if your still open then

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Would be great, I’ll stay open for about 60 min

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FAOR is now closed