PilotChrisSG's ATC Tracking Thread - [Closed] @ N/A

I am in the process of getting my operations up again!

Status: Closed

Airport: N/A


Server: Training

Notams/Virtual ATIS:

Please come and stop by!


Officially opened! :)

I’ll stop by!

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Hey Chris! Here’s a few things and errors i’ve noticed from your session:

  • You can anticipate a runway crossing meaning you can clear me to cross a runway before I request it.

  • I wasn’t responded to for on my takeoff request for 27R.

  • I’m not quite sure what the immediate takeoff was for as there were no aircraft on final for 27R.

  • I also noticed that another aircraft was given a “fly runway heading until at or above 2000ft” which isn’t required unless there is a parallel takeoff going on.

  • I was indeed given a “enter right base runway 26L” which made sense at the time as you were switching my runway to 26L, but the straight in is not needed, instead, a clearance for the option would be better hence the go-around.

  • In the case that you would clear me for the option, also be sure to include “Make left or right traffic” since my runway had been changed.


I see what you mean!

Thanks for stopping by!

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Hey there! You did good, just a few mistakes to work on.

  • The transition altitude should’ve been 4,000 feet not 10,000 feet. The formula to solve transition altitude is this Airport’s Altitude + 1,500 feet + 1,000 feet = Your altitude for the transition . So in that case, KATL’s airport altitude is about 1000 ft so I’d add that and add 1,500 feet + 1,000 feet, I’d get 3,500 feet. But then, I’m not done. I have to round UP to the nearest 500. Then you get 4,000 feet. Which is your transition altitude.

Check out Paragraph 3.4.2 for more info in this article:

  • You forgot to give Me, @Kamryn, (when you gave him right traffic) pattern entry when they called inbound. Whenever someone calls inbound or for patterns. This is key for when someone calls inbound for landing or touch and go when there’s no approach or center on. I’ll drop these 2 resources that can be very helpful when you control.

See this here for more info about pattern entry’s

This is the pattern sequences of flying a pattern.


  • When you cleared me for the option, you then gave me after the option, make left traffic. This also happened with @Kamryn. I feel like it might’ve been a mis-click and you meant right traffic but if it isn’t, I wouldn’t give the person to go left traffic when using the 26’s because if there’s a departure in the 27’s and 28’s. It can cause a conflict if that ever happens. So, I would’ve gave right traffic because there’s no runways or traffic that could’ve interfered with me.

See 3.3.6 in this guide below for more information

  • The enter right base and enter straight in command given to me when I was approaching was unnecessary. Once an aircraft has been cleared for the option, up you must proceed and let the aircraft land or do a touch and go.

  • You gave me a cleared for the option for 26R when I wanted to change to 26L. It may have been an accident but that’s ok. It’s happens

  • Good Job with the cleared for immediate takeoff with N382G. Was a nice departure/arrival separation!

  • You forgot to clear N382G for the option on their first pattern. This is also key with the pattern entries. So, how the situation would’ve played out if I was the controller would’ve been like this. N382G would’ve been cleared for the option without the after the option, make left/right traffic command. But if I didn’t request departure to the north, you would’ve gave OK-HAI number 2, traffic to follow is on right downwind and then clear OK-HAI for the option.

Thanks for having me. Feel free to tag me next time you open.



Good morning/evening/afternoon everybody!

I am open on departure and approach frequencies at KLAX :)

Im sure you are well aware that KLAX is a very Trolly location on TS. You will not get very many serious or obeying pilots. Maybe try and team with someone else who is training and give them radar service. Secondly, why open a Departure and Approach frequency if your training for IFATC which requires you to do Tower and Ground first? There is no problem with it just curious.

What airports do you recommend ?

For approach and departure service?

Just for any!

A&D: Get in contact with other people with tracking threads and coordinate with them. This would be more like it will in IFATC though I do not recommend you work on A&D until you have fully mastered T&G :)

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