PilotAce1’s ATC Tracking Thread - [CLOSED] @ N/A

Hey guys,thanks for the support on my latest post but I really want to join the IFATC group as they are my role models I am shocked how well they handle traffic and really want to join as well,But I think I want to do some practice before submitting an applications because I want to be to the best ability of myself as I could be and really want to practice on the training server, so therefore I will be opening up ATC on the training server to help me with my mistakes if anyone would like they can hop on and do some patterns to help me improve my ATC skills thank you and hope your all coping well with the epidemic.Stay safe everyone 🙃.

If you would like to join me read the details below:
Opening time:1 Minute
Aircraft:No aircraft bigger then A321
Open for:2 hours


Ah man I’m too late maybe next time? @PilotAce1

Yeah I’m probably going to do one tomorrow it’s fine my guy

Cool. But I have a question, what Timezone are you in? I’m Australian so it might be difficult

I’m GMT (Zulu)

Ohh alright well tomorrow for you will be today but in the afternoon and night for me

Oh alright

If you’re doing it in your afternoon I’ll probably be asleep

It’s alright you don’t have to come 🙂

I want to sometimes too. Sometimes I’m bored out of my mind

Ah 😂 I’ll try to find a time

What I meant is that I want to do this a lot of the time, and plus I love flying and being controlled by atc

Yeah I mean if I can I’ll try to find a suitable time

If you’re going to do that, don’t set the time close to being the afternoon but even 1000z is good

Yeah I’ll try 🙃

Thanks my guy

No problem good night have a good evening

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