PilotA320’s Birthday Celebration!

My friend, @PilotA320 had his birthday recently, and to celebrate, me, @Butter_Boi, and @SWA1997 made an event! It was a fun flight from Kansas City (KMCI) to Phoenix (KPHX). There were 2 airlines available, Southwest, and PSA Airlines (in the American Eagle colors). The attendees were (ATC) @MJP_27, @Fung_Sum-sum, @Keegan_Butler, (Pilots) @Skippy, @Tre_Dior, @Antonio10231, @Errigal, @SWA1997, @Butter_Boi, myself, and @Captainflight. @PilotA320 decided to be both ATC and a pilot! Enjoy the photos!

Aircraft: CRJ-900
Livery: American Eagle
Flight Time: 2:32

Parked at the gate, with the passengers still walking to the plane (No special treatment for them)

@SWA1997 putting the gear up, while I line up, with plenty of spectators

V1, Rotate, V2, and we’re off to the desert

Cruising over New Mexico, with the passengers enjoying their over-salted peanuts and abnormally sweet water

Short final at Phoenix

A slightly firm touchdown (I think I saw @AviationFreak spotting our arrivals). Yeah, there was an F-22 at a civilian airport, but it was the TS, what do you expect

This United 737 decided to enter the runway right in front of me when I was still slowing down, despite many messages from @MJP_27

Parked safely, with the ground crew chucking the passengers bags into the baggage carts

I hope you liked the photos! Heres a video I uploaded to YouTube about the flight :)
Flight Video

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Casual server: say smth?


What a brilliant bday party that must’ve been


What runway did you land on 👀


26, @AviationFreak

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Ok good, nice job.

I wasn’t spotting your arrivals because I havent been on the training server in months


I meant in real life 😂

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As a joke.

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Oh yes definitely


I had to do a emergency landing back at Kansas City because I had did something wrong and stalled passengers got there money back from American Airlines and never rode on American Airlines again days later the passengers rode on a different airline and they drove to Phoenix thanks for the cool birthday event!


Nice 👍, sorry for not doing KPHX approach because I had something to do and I was escorting people😂

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Yeah. Just ignore that United.

Anyway, I’m glad I got to do ATC a for everyone! Nice photos!

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It was a really fun event. Happy late birthday @PilotA320!

And great photos too!