Ok thank you!

I taxied through the grass to cut the turn before the runway but that was it. the other time I never taxied through the runway.

When I pass the thresh hold onto the runway then you can tell me not to enter the runway

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Yeah exactly that’s still taxing on the grass you said it yourself. :)

I’m coming

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Ok thanks!


I say it’s good 8/10

just some feedback.

Runway selection can be improved, it’s very hard to land at runway 1 as in general it is best for pilots to land in crosswind components of less than 15kts

I reported my position to you and you sent an “you were already cleared to land bla bla” 𝅘𝅥𝅮I just wanna let you know what I’m doin’𝅘𝅥𝅮

I did totally fly a lil’bit to high for a short while, sorry


But what about the terrain on 26?

I totally did carelessly do that.

help it’s 3 A. M in Singapore and I can’t sleep

oh wait did I misinterpreted

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Wait it says on reporting position topic if you are already cleared to land don’t say it.

Today’s controlling is much better than several weeks before, the controlling just almost same as in Expert servers, I did not find any mistakes when I am flying.The only issue maybe I shouldn’t take off immediately, I mean I should hold short the runway, because the aircraft on the final is pretty close to the runway.
However, I enjoy flying on the big crosswind airport, thanks for your controlling , and I hope can see you in IFATC team in the future!

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that’s different. In pattern work, pilots report position to say their intentions, it’s not entirely necessary but it can help ATC in making sure what to do next.

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Yeah I realized that thank you!

I don’t get this. :(

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So sorry I am wasn’t able to make it, I had class and I do now. Tag me when your open again! :)

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Sorry I had to leave someone was at my door.
All perfect again but why wasn’t I allowed on runway 26? The winds were pretty bad on runway 1

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Winds were perfect for 26 don’t u think?

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Well but I am worried about the terrain.

They were tiny hills :/
But good job as ATC, and good luck with your practical!

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requesting rwy 1 becuse of size