Departing Runways 1L 1R

Landing Runways 1L 1R 27

Server Training Server

I officially passed my written exam and will now be progressing toward my practical exam thank you everybody for helping me it means a lot.

I passed my practical exam thank you everybody who has been helping me!


Hey! I would totally come right now but I’m about to leave for an event. Next time you’re open, please @ me and I’ll stop by!

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Ok yeah I’m still waiting for people.

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I’ll stop by


Ok thanks see you here


I was VT-MUK


  • Transition ALT should have been 4000 feet, add 2500 to the airport elevation and round up to the nearest 500.

  • First pattern entry was good

  • No need to tell me to turn base, you did it multiple times when I was already on base. The turn base message is not needed, once you gave me a pattern entry I was expected to fly the remaining legs of the pattern.

  • First clearance needed to contain a direction. It was my first time in the pattern, so the message should have “VT-MUK, Runway 19L, Cleared for the Option, after the Option, Make Left Traffic”

  • All of your clearances were very late, on base or final. I was the only aircraft on the pattern so feel free to clear on downwind or even crosswind

  • Exit runway command was not need because I called inbound for touch and go

  • No need to tell me "Enter Left Downwind, I was already in a pattern. However, you forgot to give a direction when you cleared option, so this may have been to clarify the pattern direction

  • Good response to runway change

  • Good Job giving a direction on clearance after runway change, but clearance was late and no need for turn base message

  • Good response to go-around

  • There was no need to tell me to enter downwind, you already said “make right traffic” for the go-around response. I am then expected to fly a right traffic pattern.

  • United 13 could have been cleared for takeoff because I was only on downwind and there were no other aircraft in the airspace or on the ground.

  • After my go-around, you should have cleared me to land, not cleared option because I had reported full stop on downwind. Once again, Turn Base was not necessary

  • Good exit command and taxi message.

I would recommend going through the ATC Manual and reading through everything except radar, it’s very helpful.

That’s all from me for today! Good Controlling!

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Wait United 13 wasn’t you my bad


I’m sorry this stuff is new to me I need to study hard but you were turning base to early your suppose to turn base when I tell you also United 13 was ready for takeoff when you were turning base to early if I would have cleared him for takeoff you would have to go around.

Tell me if this is right.

Attention All aircraft I will be closing in 10 minutes tomorrow I’ll will be open again.

Nevermind people are coming

Wow 13 hours controlling thats awesome!! No dramas good work

I was only controlling for 1 hour and 8 minutes

An aircraft can turn base when they see fit as long as they maintain the sequencing and proper seperation. If you want me to turn base later, give me the extend downwind command. Also, when United 13 requested takeoff, I was on downwind and United 13 had plenty of time to takeoff

But sometimes people on training server sit on the runway so I wanted to make sure thanks for your help.

No problem, it was fun to stop by. Feel free to PM me if you have any questions.

Also, if you were worried that United was going to spend a long time taking off, you could have cleared United, then given me extend downwind so I wouldn’t turn base too early and get too close to United if they took a long time taking off.

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I will do this tomorrow to you wanna come again.

I’m pretty busy I will come if I can

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Alright works for me seeya.

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Everybody I am now open again you may now join again if you want to.