Pilot with callsign RJ11 on Expert

If you were just flying on the Expert Server in contact with Midway approach, and your callsign was RJ11, please PM me.

If that was not you, please refrain from commenting up on this. If it was you, PM him. I suspect it wasn’t, so ignore this and mind your own business. This was only meant to find the pilot that was in need to be talked to by this controller, as it is the most efficient way of doing so. This is not a form of public humiliation, as I am sure that is quite definitely the intentions of @Nicholas_L. Thank you


@R_Jordanian I think this might have been you, am I correct?

You can sometimes see their callsign on their profile page


Nope, i am Jordanian 621 or JY-BAC

So you’re sure you weren’t vectored by Midway approach yesterday?

I didnt even fly at that time

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