Pilot Voices

Where are the pilot votes. Since the last update, I only have Alex or Samantha to choose from, both of which sound the same. I’m using an iPad Pro (12.9 inches). Deleting and reinstalling the Infinite Flight app did nothing.

Hi, some of the voices were removed due to them causing a lot of issues because of a problem in Apple’s text to speech engine, on which Infinite Flight relies for those voices. More will be re-enabled once they will be confirmed to not cause issues, as said by Cameron here

Thank you for the info.

I had the same issue in testing. This is because you do not have both of them downloaded so it just uses one voice under two different names instead.

To download either Samantha or Alex (whichever you do not have downloaded), follow these steps:

  1. Go to Settings
  2. Accessibility
  3. Speech

You can download Alex/Samantha from there. Unfortunately, Samantha and Alex are the only voices available at the moment as Alexander explained. Hope this helps!

At least you have both Alex and Samantha. I’m stuck with only Samantha. No option to select Alex

Hi @Christopher_Rod,

Make sure you have Alex’s voice downloaded on your devices settings. Maxim’s reply above gives the steps on how to download it

I do Not find speech on my ipad.

I have founded, thank you,

And again we have no pilot voices to choose from. Just Alex alone.

There ARE pilot voices in IF. Just go into settings.

Nope bud

I had all of them until about 3 hours ago, and then they simply disappeared, so it’s not a thing with downloading them…

Hey @anon65945716, maybe @Pablo_CG as well, you may have to go into your device’s settings and download more voices for them to be available in Infinite Flight. To do so, please follow the short and simple instructions in the post I’ve linked below.

Also @TheGlobalAviator, that’s quite a disrespectful one-liner response that isn’t really respectful nor helpful in the matter.

Thanks for the help, but, as I said before, all the voices were there until about 5 hours ago, but then they simply disappeared, and only Alex is available now, not even Samantha is there

I’ll try the download, if it doesn’t work I’ll get back here :)

Edit: I just checked and most of the voices that should be in IF (Daniel, Samantha and Rishi for example) are downloaded, but none of them appear in IF (only Alex)…

Also, some voices that were in IF (Arthur for example) aren’t even available for download


Check so you have the enhanced ones downloaded. It might be a necessity.

I mean yeah the enhanced ones are here (I have like all) but can the original be added back?

The issue is most likely caused by a change we did earlier to allow more voices back again.
Can people share some screenshots perhaps from the app voice list + device voice list?

I’m using an IPad and have at least 5/6 different voices. So it should be back up. Unless someone knows something I dont

Downloading the enhanced ones worked!

There were some voices in IF that aren’t available to download tho…


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