Pilot voices

How come when some pilots talk, it seems slower, and they pause for a second and continue talking? Anyone know?

Maybe lag. Try restarting your device and make sure you have stable connection.

I don’t think it’s lag, because iv seen it at airports with 1 other person and with 20 other people; but I see it with the same few aircrafts

Like I said. ^^

I also saw it this morning, I was flying with a fiend and his voice was slow, but it never used to be 🧐

Currently in mid flight

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Ok then. Tip: If this ever happens again, try restarting. Works most of the time.

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I will do so, and see how it goes!

You are not talking about pilot voice pitch? Some sound slower due to pitch.

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Ah really? That might be why, I should try it

I can give an example of it, on phones you can make the voice slower, that is what it sounds like

Yes similar, if you use IOS device you can add new voice in Siri then it loads on to infinite flight…some accent are very slow on low pitch. Some low pitch voice can irritate you on atc.

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Iv seen it happen with lag and I know what @AviationJack is talking about, but there was no lag, and even my other friend who I was flying with (I was with 3) said the voice was slower and it paused for a moment

In addition to what @AviationJack said if restarting doesn’t work delete and reinstall the app.

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I’ll send a video in, and I have doubts about that, but I understand what your talking about, but because like a said it’s the same pilots constantly, I recognize the callsign, I don’t think it has anything with restarting, because I do know I have uninstalled the app to fix it, I saw it before and I still see it, which again the same pilots

Try it at KSFO it’s very slow and paused eg. American…165…is on…final runway…28l
Then fly to KLAX for example and it’s normal again

I hear it at KSFO a lot as well

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