Pilot Voices Options

I got a question about pilot voices, and I wonder if anyone knows the solution.
I am a fan of the pilot voice used in this flight: Infinite Flight Multiplayer New Update (LIVE Replay ) A330 New Livery - YouTube
However, no matter what I have done to the voice pitch and the pilot, none of them seems to match. If anyone knows what pilot and pitch this is used, please do leave it below.
Once again thank you all!
(I apologise if I shouldn’t post these topics here)

It’ll be entirely up to the text to speech you have installed on your device. If this user has an Android device, chances are the Available voices will be different

Thanks a lot, I shall explore it when I finish my flight!

I would love for IF to support personal voice recordings, ofcourse other people wouldn’t hear it, but would be nice to have the ability to record my own voice and have it say the stuff through ATC similar to how Waze works

This voice is not a translator’s voice.
She’s just for this video.
See the interfence as if it were radio this still has neither in android or any other app.

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