Pilot Voice & ATC Voice

I would really like to hear ATC voices different from Pilot voices. In other words why not build in 4 different voices for ATC that are totally different. Crazy when you hear the same voice for ATC and Pilot. Just saying!


Post this in #features if you want it to be voted on by the community so it can be added to the game

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You can change the voices in the voice menu (at least your own for sure on iOS). Try it out!

Totally not what I said.

My bad, I misread your post.

@JulianB offered a solution.

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Are you talking about changing the sound if the ATC voice? If so, this can be done in the in-game settings.

You can only change your own voice and the ATC/other pilots voice. But as most other pilots use the default voice switching the ATC voice should mostly solve the issue of the same voice for ATC and pilots.

If you are talking about adding a new feature into the game, you must be TL2 to do so. Just keep liking, commenting, posting, and staying active on the IFC and you’ll get there in no time!

Nope…I hear same voice for Pilot and ATC not all the time but it present

Have you tried to change it in the settings?

Ok no one gets what I mean. The developers would have to build in some new voices that only ATC can access.

So you’re saying you like the proposal of communicating with atc with our own voices?

He is saying that it is a bit weird that the pilot and ATC have the same voices. So they would like pilot and ATC to have a different voice when communicating. @Cloudcrasher1 perhaps making this into a #features could benefit you and others 😉

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Sorry, I didn’t 100% get it then. See @Ondrej’s post and consider changing the voices as a partly fix too.

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