@pilot_urp’s Weekly Spotting Thread #1

What’s up guys

I will now be uploading spotting threads that have my 10 best pics from each week. This will be my first thread! Hope you guys enjoy!



This was my firstflight of the week. This pic shows me backtaxing with crystal clear water in the background.


9: Another pic of me on the ground

This is another shot of me taxiing except on the taxiway this time.


8: Soaring out of Hong Kong

This is a beautiful pic of me in the EVA 78X turning North


7: Good Morning from Boston

Me doing a DLVA charter flight in the NWA DC-10. Really like this oldie


6: DC-10 Tail Shot

Another pic I got focusing on the tail section

DLVA/AFKLM Flash Flight Event!

The rest of these pics are the main showcase for this weeks thread. I got 5 great pics from the event. Enjoy!


5: Crazy Traffic!

This one showcases the incredible amount of traffic overwhelming KPSP. Insane amount of traffic for this little airport. Shoutout to @CapriciousWisewater for doing his best to keep things flowing.


4: Straight view down the middle

Manged to get a pic showing these aircraft taxiing to the long line for 31L.


3: Terminal 100% occupied

This pic shows the amount of aircraft at their gates which is pretty much all the commercial gates there are.


2: Delta and Frontier tail view

Took when it wasn’t too busy. Not too much here.


1: Tail view + Air Canada

Got a shot of more tails and the AC 77L. Not sure what he’s doing here, oversized.

That’s a wrap!

Well that concludes this folks! Hope you guys enjoyed! I will try to upload my weekly IF spotting /pic threads every Sunday.

What I use for editing

  • Lightroom ( does most of it )
  • Snapseed
  • Sometimes the Apple iOS editor (built in)

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Nice work! Very colorful with all the liveries!

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Nice shots, however, could I recommend not to overedit your pictures to much. I noticed some images are a bit too sharp, have to much contrast etc. Some shots look best with just small adjustments! However, your image composition is great!


I really like your photos, I like photos taken where there is traffic

Yeah I noticed that for some pics. I’m a fan of sharpening and contrasting a lot. I sort of rushed the editing a bit too so that may be a factor

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