@pilot_urp’s Weekly IF Pics Thread #2

Hey guys

I’m back with my weekly spotting thread! This week features many pictures from some events I attended around the world. I think this week’s thread is so much better than last week’s so enjoy!

10: Awesome Bloodmoon Shot!

I started the week off by capturing the blood moon with my 744 departing. I also experienced it irl in Charlotte!

9: Sunset Arrival

I caught a cool, under the wing shot of the China Southern B788. I really love the colors for this one!

8: Roadside View

This one looks like it was taken off the road on the ground. Pretty cool pic with the China Southern flying right above.

7: Virgin, Virgin, Virgin

One of my many pics from the DLVA Soaring Around The World Event. Captured at YPDN and great amount of DLVA pilots in attendance. Was an awesome event. Btw the scenery up in Northern Australia is 🔥!

6: HUGE Virgin line

The line for this runway was insanely long. Caught a nice shot of all these Virigns patiently waiting to depart and experience the scenery

5: AA Tail Showcase

Next few pics are from my spotting session at EGLL with active IFATC! Managed to get a nice pic showing the Shiny AA tail

4: Welcome To EGLL

The same AA 773 just taxing off runway 27R. Really love the tail and sunset in the background.

3: Parked in the sunset

I got this BA 789 chilling at the gate. Not as great as the rest of the photos imo. Kinda wished this dude turned his landing lights off at the gate…

2: CRJ Cockpit Showcase

Went for a different type of picture and took a simple pic of the cockpit. My favorite looking commercial cockpit in IF rn.

1: Soaring above the Northern Shore Of Australia

This week’s best pic is this one right here. Absolutely amazing scenery with the water and reppin at TBM. Must see place in IF right here.

That’s all!

Aaaaand that concludes this week’s thread! Hope all u guys enjoyed, #3 is inbound next Sunday!

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Wow, Really Nice Pictures!

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Just amazing pictures as always dude. Keep up the great work

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