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Flight controls


Flight rules



  • KASE/KEGE Denver region, All servers
    Effective 1610160321 UTC Until Permanent

Flight planning

#Airfield / Terminal area


Note: Pilots entering the expert server, are encouraged to have a basic understanding of each of the topic’s listed above before entry.






Help - The Basic Stuff
New to the game
ATC list of commands (Tower/Ground)
Help - The Basic Stuff
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Female pilots
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Samsung Galaxy S4
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What trust level do you need to message? What do you need to do to get that rank?
Grade Level
Need help
ATC Commands
Attention all mods
App translation to German (Helping)
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What is a virtual airline?
Some help about the community
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A thanks for support, community.
Total Beginner Looking for Answers
what is IFATC?
How To Calculate Your -Trip Fuel-


New Guide is up and revamped.