Pilot Turmoil- ATC Woes

Attention, all pilots!

It has come to light recently that in the past few days, especially in the timeframe of a week before the iOS update was launched, our advanced server controllers have been encountering issues with pilots.

This is unacceptable. The rate of ghosting have either doubled, tripled, or even quadrupled among some controllers. One controller only had to ghost one person last month- yesterday, alone, he had to ghost over ten pilots who were not listening, doing their own thing, trolling, or plain ignoring everything.

Pilots, PLEASE be considerate to our controllers. We work hard every day to bust our butts for everyone to have an enjoyable experience. It seems, to most of us, that a large number of users are “rioting” of sorts, due to the time it took for the iOS update to be launched. Various other factors could’ve played into this, such as the excitement over the A320, etc… but that isn’t the picture as a whole.

At this point, many controllers are extremely frustrated. Yes, we’re happy that the update has driven in volumes of new pilots, but the kind of ethics that they are demonstrating will not be tolerated.

There is a difference between pilot knowledge and ethics. All we want to see are pilots who can at least try to follow instructions or perform to the best of their ability. Knowledge is a different ballgame, however- we don’t mind people who don’t quite understand the magnitude of all things as of yet. Heck, when I started Infinite Flight, I didn’t even know what “remaining in the pattern” meant. Yes, knowing what you’re doing is very much appreciated and encouraged, but following instructions is the bigger of our issues at the moment.

Most of all, a number of us are shocked to see that pilots who have a high reputation or standing on here, are among the crowd who are causing trouble. No names will be mentioned, but the magnitude of it all have our heads being scratched.

Please, guys. We can do better than this. You all represent the community and Infinite Flight as a whole. Try to do better. Try, to the best of your ability, to follow instructions so that we, the controllers, can give you a better and smoother experience.

If anyone EVER wants to learn proper ATC procedures while operating as a pilot, do not hesitate to ask myself or any other supervisor. We’re here to HELP you guys. We love to teach people and help them learn- it’s following instructions that presents an issue.

That’ll be all. Thanks.

//ATC Supervisor


This is important.


Thank you for this :) as a pilot, trying to get in line is difficult, and ATC do everything to help… People ruin the experience for everyone unfortunately…

What do you mean? @Furtive_masstwofourf

Hold up got to edit what I said lol :)

Ah ok that makes more sense

Yep, that was my mistake, I was in a hurry!!

This announcement is all fine and dandy, but the issue is that most of the people causing this issue are not on this forum.


Ikr. I have noticed this as well since the update was released. People circling at the holding point of the runway, circling in the traffic pattern, taxiing through the grass, taxiing without clearance, and all the other stuff! I’m guessing they are testing the new plane out but the advanced server is not the place for that. Test it out in the free flight or playground server and then come to advanced.


@StikLover2@Brandon_Sandstrom@Tyler_Shelton @AR_AR EtAl…
Ghost away! But let’s not just single the Pilots out! It’s the System that’s at fault. The present qualification to move up to the Advance Server are to lacks.
It time to re-Think requirements! If Controllers must pass tests to advance why should’nt pilots have the same requirement. The currant turmoil on the Playgroubd is indicative of the problem that has/Is migrating to the Advance.
This situation is becoming untenable! With all the time and effort that I’ve seen garnered over the years the failure to establish advancement qualification for Pilots is now eating away at what some consider progress. As far as I’m concerned it’s time to take this bull by the horns. Stop blaming the pilots, nothing is being learned because nothing is being taught! As for the so called Pilots with high standing don’t give them a pass, identify them by ghost count and remove there Lounge and Advanced Server Privileges. Take no prisoners!
Mad Max Sends

(I beg to differ Stik, There not ATC Woes there FDS Woes)


New requirements are being worked as we speak. We need to do a better job of controlling who gets on the advanced server. Stay tuned for more! 😊


I like the sound of this. The community is fed up.


Awesome! That’s what IF needs… :)

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looks like we might need to drop the hammer on repeat offenders…


Show me! Max Sends

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I don’t know if anyone else is thinking this, but I can tell you exactly what the problem is. Notice how on an average day (which is not right after an update) there are pretty much the same amount of pilots? From day to day, it doesn’t increase or decrease too much. The ones flying during those times are the regular Infinite Flight geeks (like me) that fly all the time, and have considerable experience in Infinite Flight, and with Air Traffic Controllers on the advanced server.

Now, what’s with the increased traffic? Anyone that get’s bored a week after an update comes out finally come online again after they realize there’s a new update. Those pilots probably haven’t flown on Live (or at all) since the last update was released months ago. They don’t know how ATC works, they have no experience flying on Live because they only show up when new, exciting features arrive. Seems logical, no? The pilots you’re ghosting are the pilots that never fly.


Very interesting explanation. Maybe it’s due to the IOS release too. I bet it will die down next week

Exactly. Anyone that isn’t regularly flying will probably be gone by next week.


True statement Sean… I know this may be a stupid idea @Swang007 but what if before ANYONE got to go on live (other than the free flight server) they had to go through some sort of tutorial/video and answer questions on it?!

Examples… Do you have to ask ground to switch to tower… What is the maximum taxi speed…

Something along those lines.

It would be complicated to get going

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Someone on IFFG thinks that they may be protesting on the advanced server.