Pilot trying to cure his friend's fear of flying by doing aerobatics

This is one of the funniest videos i’ve seen lately. There’s not much to say more than the title, so just watch it and laugh…

What do you think, did it work?

Note: Swearing in video


Seen this before, a great video!

I’m laughing so hard!!!

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Hahaha I died when he did the mock-stall thing (45 seconds from the end) 😂


That was the best part, hahah!

How many violations do you think he got there? ;) ;)

Turn the f****** plane on!
I am laughing so hard right now.

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I love flying to my core…but I hate being in an airplane doing flips like that. So I completely understand his fear. That being said it was extremely funny 😂😂😂

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