Pilot Trip Report, Paris to Tromso Langnes

Hello IFC! So I’ve been flying in the United States ALOT lately, so I asked the Random Flight Generator built-in to the FPLtoIF website to give a flight starting in Paris. Always fun to have a change of scenery, and this is what the generator spit out! Hope everyone enjoys! Today’s Trip Report is from the perspective of the pilot.

Flight Details

Callsign: Air France 4835
Aircraft: A319

Starting to go through preflight checklists as passengers are boarding! It’s a pretty quiet day here in Paris, and we are expecting a smooth flight!

Me and the copilot begin spooling up the engines as we push back from the gate. We can hear the flight attendants doing their safety brief. When will Airbus make a soundproof Flight Deck? It can sometimes be hard to drown out the safety brief while going through the last few checklist items.

Alright! Got clearance to taxi to Runway 09R! Hopefully we won’t have to wait in line too long before getting in the air.

Well, that didn’t take long at all! Before we knew it, we are on our take-off roll!

Reached our cruising altitude of FL375 just as we approached the border of French and German airspaces. Flight hasn’t been super bad so far! Although the weather radar indicates we might have turbulence over the North Sea.

And this is why we always listen to the radar! Just as we leave the Netherlands coastline, the turbulence hit right on schedule. All passengers, return to your seats please!

Thankfully, the turbulence didn’t last super long. It started to die down as soon as we were over land again.

We strayed into Sweden as we began our initial descent into Tromso. The Swedish mountains are always beautiful!

Welp, that didn’t last super long! On final approach, we hit some major crosswinds. This is going to get bumpy!

After what is quite possibly the worst landing of my career, we made it to the gate in one piece! Flight attendants, disarm doors and cross-check.

Well, I hope everyone enjoyed! Don’t forget to vote for your fav pic!

  • preflight and boarding
  • spool up and pushback
  • Taxiing to runway
  • take-off roll
  • reaching cruising altitude
  • entering the North Sea
  • reaching land again
  • Swedish mountains
  • Final approach
  • docking at the gate

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