Pilot Training

Since quite a lot of us on this forum would love to become pilots, do any pilots, past and present, have any good tips for getting in to the commercial industry?😊


Most important, check the requirements for airlines so what qualifications you need to join as a pilot. Don’t focus on flight school requirements as they only want your money and they don’t offer you a job…


Aernout when I mentioned working in Australia or NZ you said forget it as I need a passport? Do you mean getting through the system of selection of who they allow in because I have a passport already?

They will never invite you for selection / interview if you don’t have the passport. This are just a few examples :)

You mean an Australian passport?

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Does college matter to become a pilot?

Do you mean like University?

Either one

I know that most airlines in the UK want you to preferably have a degree. I’m not sure about there though

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Thats why check the airlines what they require for education level etc…

It depends an airline Ofcourse…

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good points to know… @Aernout

What part of England do you live in Misha if you don’t mind me asking! I just found out I probably ran into @divebuddha without knowing it! :) ;)

Buckinghamshire (the posh bit) hahaha

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I’m from the outskirts of Liverpool! That’s definitely not the posh bit!
@divebuddha Is from Manchester!

You guys get all the good weather down south! 😀😉

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I used to visit yorkshire a lot! Near Harrogate! :)

We should fly sometime! It’s hard to find people in the same timezone as me!
It always ends up not working for someone! :)

Guys,Just out of curiousity what football teams do you support!

@divebuddha I support Everton, not Liverpool(Anyone from the UK,paticuarly the North will know why I made that clear!)


Ahhh…I see! Harrogate is nice! :)

I’ll check it out