Pilot Training Process

Hello Infinite Flight Community!

I have come to you guys with an interesting idea that I hope the moderators consider. I would like to see some type of real training process for pilots. I think we should utilize the Training server for its actual name. To train pilots to fly on the expert server.

New pilots or pilots who don’t like to fly professionally would stay on the Casual server. For pilots who want to go through a training process, can apply for it. Once they get approved, they will get access to the Training Server. On the server there could be training sessions for pilots everyday. They will learn all the basics of flying, communicating with ATC, and making smart decisions for themselves and everyone else. IFATC prospects can also utilize the training server as a way to learn how to be a professional ATC controller, while at the same time, the pilots are training with them.

I think this puts a little more value into the expert server because this would be an actual test of piloting skills before joining expert server, as now you can be on expert server just by getting a certain amount of landings. That doesn’t really show how good of a pilot you are. Here’s a quick breakdown of the training process:

New Pilot (Grade 1) - Flies on Casual server until gathering __ landings.
Applies and gets approved for training (Promoted to Grade 2) - Trains on the training server.
Passes all tests/exams and gets approved for expert flying (Promoted to Grade 3).

To close this out, I would like to see this training process so that pilots on the Expert server have actually proven that they are truly an expert at flying. Let me know what you guys think.

Would love it, but someone had already said that, that will be too much work and too complicated


I think this is a good idea and could be implemented but 2 issues.

What about the pilots already on ES?

Who would train pilots?


I think the best way to solve the first issue is to either send them through the training process just like everyone else, or just let them take the final tests and if they pass, they can continue flying, but if they fail, they go through the process.

Honestly, I would love to be able to run this type of program but we would hire pilots in the community who know how to fly and be professional.


Also, to make another point, this would minimize ghosting rates tremendously. I think if you went through training, and got ghosted on expert, it carries a heavier punishment than just one week.

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Maybe only the test into expert might work! 😏 Its all hard work which don’t think will happen tho ☹


I think this community is big enough and strong minded that we could find a way to make this work! This is for the community, my goal is to make it the best flight simulator ever. I think this could be another huge step in the right direction.

A test? Moderated by what beings?

No human on the forum has enough time to monitor these tests constantly.

Even if people pass the test, they could go back to their methods; face it, people will try to cheat their way to Expert; some won’t let realism take over how they fly on the sim.

The grade system is so useless it might as well be removed. The training system requirements should have landings and hours. But thankfully, landings and hours are being adjusted so changes are very subject in the future.


I understand where your coming from, but thats why I said anyone who gets ghosted on the expert server will have a heavier price tag to pay.

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And the thing about ghostings. People do absolutely make mistakes. So those people should be punished as long as someone who is just trolling?

And about the sever thing, as said above, trolls will be everywhere. Sometimes it’ll slip by the IFATC/Mods/staff that are in or around the airport. But still, this would be a lot of work. and can have so many flaws.


Your right, people who actually make mistakes or cant communicate with ATC shouldnt have to face the same punishment as someone who is trolling. I think since there should be less ghostings, all the ghostings that do happen can be reviewed by somebody and they will determine how bad the punishment is.

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Maybe link a previous topic, so that he can see what the staff’s comments were about it…

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Again the mods/staff all have lives, so on top of their work they already have, they would have to review many cases.

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oh umm, i forgot where the topic is

Its truly not that much more work tbh. If anything, it would be way less work because they dont have to review as many cases. Thats the whole idea of process is to minimize work on ATC and Mods who have to deal with unprofessional pilots and ghostings.

The biggest problem I see here is that it becomes very restrictive. In the sense that the requirements to join the training server gets more difficult and expert server becomes more difficult. We cannot just keep putting heavier punishments for ghosts after going to training server, because remember: people are buying this game. If you make this game more difficult, Infinite Flight will begin to lose sales, and they don’t want that.

I think the expert server shouldn’t have to be a grind-or-die kind of situation. Ghosts are a bit inefficient, but putting more restrictions on Training Server isn’t going to get you quite far.

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Think about it like this - there’s around 1,636 people right now flying on live. And it’s not even peak hours, where I assume it would go over 3,000, and even more during FNFs and Flash Flights, and that’s not even close to the amount of people that fly on live every month. So if this becomes a thing, and everyone is sent back and has to get tested, who has the time, and patience to read all those tests, then manually change their grade? And what if they fail and has to do a training course? How will they be organized, executed, and moderated properly? How will you find people qualified to train? The system we have now is ideal for now as it reduces the load on ATC and Staff, and everyone else seems fine with it, so why change it?

You make very good points. I just want to make the expert server, a place where pilots who truly care about realism can go and enjoy it without anyone ruining it.

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True, it is one of those very good ideas that sadly we can’t see come into full fruition due to practicality constraints.


great idea