Pilot Training Group [Poll]

Hey community,

I was thinking of creating a pilot training group to help teach pilots step by step. Based on 3 concepts. Flight, Navigation, and Communication.

The group would be much like ATC education group but for the sim pilots, I have a couple of real world pilots that are willing to help me draft some knowledge that could be used.

This would consist of a website with an educational theme to it (e.g multiple choice quizes and such). And possibly a certification sort.

This would reflect higher standards and would be free for all.

It will take me approximatly 90 days to develope a full scale coursework and website along with staff.

What are your thoughts on this? This will tell me if I am going to initiate it or not in the comming days.

Thank you for feedback.

  • No for Pilot Training Group
  • Yes for Pilot Training Group

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I’d give it a go always up for learning new stuff


Sounds like a good idea! I think there was something like this a while ago but it shut down due to inactivity. Also, you will need to be IFVARB Approved as it will count as a VO.

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Thank you both for your feedback (also the category change @KaiM). This would involve video tutorials and such on the website as well and it will be very neatly organized. I would seek IFVARB approval only once the website is up and running.

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Of course. I acknowledge you may already know this but here are some links to get you started;

Info on contacting an admin (step one) is here;

Other stuff you need to know is here;

And for once you’ve submitted your experience and mission statements, you can request staff here;

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I’m thinking all staff would be outside of the IF community for now. Advertisements would also be placed on Facebook and Google.


If everything is going to be outside the community, you won’t be able to advertise inside the community except via PM. Things like threads, events and others would be out of the question without IFVARB approval.


Thank you for your feedback also.

I have built an anynoumous poll for this as well. Please feel free to vote.

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No offense to you, but most IF pilots dont join the community until they are at least at TS1. Usually expert, also I think the tutorials and threads the staff have put together is plenty for new pilots to get a grip on things.

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Your feedback is extremely valuable to me and very much appreicated. I need honest opinions on this as I am considering to spend resources and time on.

I think this is a great idea. However your ‘Staff outside IFC’ might be taken out of context and hinder your application. And to add onto @Darpan’s statement about outside help, that might also hinder your application. Although other than those I belaive it is a good choice.

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Thank you very much for your feedback. Outside help will be to develop course work much which will be done by at least 1 real world former commercial pilot and 1 private pilot so far. They are not apart of the community, that is all I mean by “outside”. But again, thank you for this feedback.


Thanks for clarifying. That makes it easier to understand. Thanks


Here is a little preview of what I may start it off as.


I would surely join your group and learn something


@Pranjal_Agrawal A surprise coming for u soon! 😋

Yes!Yes!Yes!! The will be nice for all pilots!

Love the initiative!
I suggest to add a detailed description of what you see the learning curriculum to contain. I see a risk that some people vote yes here, until they find out the amount of learning there is involved.

You could ask yourself the question why you would train people here in things that go beyond the knowledge needed for IF. Many people need a goal (i.e. IFATC) to work towards before they decide to do a lot of learning. If people learn beyond the knowledge needed to become IFATC than what would it give them, other than knowledge.


The circiculum would be rigorous but universal in age. I am already looking at PLR/MRR material to be used. Long term goal will be working towards partnerships with VAs and training their people. The ultimate objective in this is to deepen people’s interest in learning more about aviation in general as all circiculum will reflect real world concepts. Thank you for your feedback.

I am always up for training people. I would provide the most realistic experience I could. So if you start it add me onboard