Pilot tips for communicating with ATC

Hello guys and girls!

Before I start this topic I just wanna say that I know there are many of these kind of topics, I know, I have read many of them and all of them are great! Unfortunately people still don’t listen to ATC.

We are going to have a hard time as an ATC if you don’t listen to us, don’t be angry just because you have to hold short for about 5 minutes. We are not doing that because we want to anger you, more because there is traffic on final and we do not want to have a crash (not because these are super dramatic in IF :wink:)

Here are a few tips that I just want to share, please spread the word to other friends who are playing live.

  1. If we clear you for landing you do not need to keep announcing your position, the feed gets very clogged if every plane tells us that it is on final. Of course, if you are not cleared for landing/for the option then there is no problem announcing your position.

  2. When we tell you that traffic to follow is on final or any other position keep distance but still follow it, do not speed up and fly right behind the plane as it will result in you having to go around or make a 360.

  3. Many people seem to have serious problems with this one, simply, remaining in the pattern means that you will stay in the pattern (obviously) and once you are on final you will land again. Departing means that you are departing away from the airport to any other airport. Example, flying from KSAN to KNUC.

  4. There is a map, or actually two, one in the hud and one as a page, maybe some people don’t look at that, because if you notice that all airplanes are approaching RWY 27 you maybe shouldn’t be approaching RWY 9, that will make us stop the whole traffic flow, instead if we tell you to enter the downwind of RWY 27, do that! Don’t just continue your approach.

  5. We are aware of you the whole time when you are on our frequency, if you are sitting and waiting for takeoff and there is traffic on final, please don’t request for takeoff three times a minute.

  6. If we tell you to line up on the runway you do not need to request for takeoff again, we line you up on the runway only because a plane has just landed and we want to prepare you for the takeoff, once you are cleared, just takeoff, don’t wait.

  7. When we clear you for an immediate takeoff, don’t let us down, just takeoff immediately and don’t wait. Thanks.

  8. You don’t need to ask for a frequency change from ground to tower, just switch, please it just clogs our feed up.

  9. When we tell you that we will call your base I.e “I’ll call your base” it is basically the same thing as extend downwind, do not enter the base until we tell you to turn base ie “Turn base” we do this because we like when you are all perfectly spaced up.

  10. Last and finally, if you are going to remain in the pattern, and we tell you to make left traffic, then turn left after the departure, do not turn right, and the other way around, at many times there is much traffic and the pattern at the right is pretty full.

Thanks for reading and do keep these tips in your head while flying, it really helps us! :smile:



Great, great, very great post! These types of topics should be in tutorials.

Thanks a lot :blush: I always forget to move my topics to the right category when I create it, :grin: thanks for pointing it out and moving it though :wink:

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I don’t know is right to post here, not always pilot fault. I wanna do simple traffic pattern in KSAN, there was 3 aircraft on the ground 2 aircraft in airport proximity. Got clearance, I went from Ground-Tower-Centre-Tower-another Tower-Ground to continue taxi 😀and warning from Tijuana-LA centre-Socal departure😀 I had lovely day at KSAN.

I had To sent I am on final every time new tower popped up, had enough warning for one day.

Yes, I certainly do know that it isn’t always the pilots fault :confounded: some people just are crazy when being ATC :tired_face:

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That will change in the next update. Then it will only be one frequency.
For know you just have to politely suck it up!
regards respectively,
John Gerard

Yes I heard about the next update gonna sort this out. Can’t wait.

Excellent post Samuel! As an ATC trainee I strive to exceed perfection but it all depends upon the people controlling ATC and the pilots! They either do things right or the wrong way!


John Gerard

Question for everyone here. If my flight plan has me going near another ATC’s airspace and they ask for my intention, what is the correct response to let them know that I’m just passing by their area? Thanks in advance.

I had KSAN tower today, I had the aircraft landing on the other runway. SO Frustrating

If you click on an airport you will see on the upper right (map view) that there is some text. Does shows how high up the airspace extends. If you’re at or below this altitude and inside the blue circles you can contact tower and ask for a transistor. ATC will reply with "transition approved at or above X altitude. This is the altitude you need to fly above or at.


The app’s flight tutorial definitely doesn’t cover that. Thanks so much for the information, it’s extremely helpful.

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