Pilot tip - Pushback, when you have to wait

In short:

  • don’t tune out of Ground frequency after your Pushback request.
  • don’t repeat your Pushback request.

On Expert, with the ATC schedule, we often have situations where little airports get an unrealistic amount of traffic, much more than the airport would see in real life. And, that’s fine. But know that you may need to wait…

Today at TFFR, an airport that requires a long back-taxi, we ended up quickly with a line waiting and holding short. The platform got full, and push back was simply not possible. For those having to wait for their Pushback this tip:

Don’t tune out of Ground frequency while waiting for your Pushback clearance

As soon as there’s room to push back, the Ground ATC will pick the first aircraft who has been waiting longest (depending on platform layout and where there’s space). We check the time stamp of your pushback request. If you’ve tuned out and tunes back into Ground frequency, your pushback request was cleared, and you end up back in line.

Today at TFFR I ended up getting busy with aircrafts repeatedly requesting Pushback. Please don’t! One request is enough.


NOTE: before we all start replying how long we once had to wait for a pushback approval, while others did receive pushback before you, yes, I know this happens. But that doesn’t take away from the tips above.


I cannot reiterate this enough. The other day at KATL during a gate hold, I had so many people doing this, and they often got ghosted for spamming the frequency.

Don’t spam! Once is enough, especially on a busy frequency.


Amen! I can’t understand why people can’t wait 5 minutes.


Very well said!! I see this constantly on expert server where someone will request minutes later again!

Everyone needs to see this post. Will make controllers life easier and the pilots will help makes the controllers life easier !

Always see this at busy airports. I’m happy to wait as it’s more realistic. Cannot believe how impatient everyone is!!

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Its bothers me so much when people spam the frequency. If only they know how it feels, because to me it makes controlling harder.

I never understood why people feel the urge to spawn at their gate and then be up in the air in under three minutes. This is a simulator, not a game. If you can’t wait a few minutes, then exit your session. 🤷‍♂️

I see pilots doing both. When waiting takes to long, the pilot (1) tunes out of Ground frequency and (2) requests pushback again. On a busy airport, this is an excellent way to make sure you have to wait longer than others.

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