Pilot tip - flight plan

Much has been written about this. And with the risk of triggering a discussion about which flights should or should not file flight plan, I do want to give this tip, for the many that fly IFR flights with their airliners, and who don’t know…

  1. Please make it a habit of filing a flight plan.
  2. Finish your flight plan before you request pushback
  3. End your flight plan on the airport blue dot

The picture below shows how to NOT end your flight plan:

A tutorial (a bit old, but still good) on how to file a flight plan can be found here.

You don’t have to make a real-world flight plan, although it’s perfect if you do. This forum has many good tips on filing great flight plans. One example you find here.
But please, make the airport identifier / 🔵 as the last waypoint in your flight plan. This (1) allows the ATC of your destination airport to see you’re coming and (2) it will make it easier for you to request an ILS Approach to the airport.

Hope this little tips helps a few who didn’t know yet.
Happy flight planning 😊


Well said Anton!You always bring good advice

Thanks for taking the time to do this @azeeuwnl. 👍

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