Pilot tip - enter via downwind

When approaching an airport, please make an effort to approach the airport via one of the downwind legs. This is often not the shortest route, but it will largely improve the ability to sequence inbound aircrafts. When there’s an Approach controller you obviously follow his instructions. But when there’s only Tower or Unicom, please make an effort to enter the airport’s pattern properly. If you watch real life approaches, you’ll see the same.

Below is a screenshot of one of the aircrafts inbound for EDDS-25, who was instructed by Tower to enter left downwind runway 25

The green line was his actual flight path. Now this is not how you enter via left downwind. The blue line shows what I would have liked him to do, or what the Approach controller would have used.

I hope this little tip is of use.
Anton 🌷


Thanks, this is helpful!

Some of us use approach charts, and the green line is RNAV REUTL 1W Transition to rwy 25 used irl.
I understand we have to sequence when no app available, but when able I will follow charts and of course maintain proper separation.


Good feedback Andre. Thanks.

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I always fly a true approach if able, like EGLL I use one of the four stacks, Ockham, lambourne, biggin or bovingdon.

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