Pilot Texting During Takeoff

The pilot was reportedly caught texting numerous times while the plane was taking off. Wow lol

Nah texting while flying the plane isn’t bad just thought it was weird he was texting while the plane was taking off. I would want my pilots as focused as possible during that time!

Haha I don’t think so :P Well I don’t so I can listen to my plane to make sure it is ok.

Pilots have to monitor their instruments I highly doubt they listen to music.

That said I am not a pilot so if anyone who is a pilot can correct me, I welcome your input.


Well this is rather ironic… Anyone with technical knowledge able to elaborate on the effects that a phone signal can cause on an aircraft?

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Pilots are supposed to rest well prior to a flight so they are not fatigued. Also, on 15 hour flights, extra crews are brought on board as relievers so the original crew can rest in the crew rest area. The relievers get to rest also while the first set of pilots are in command.

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What I’m reading is some do but you’re not supposed to

why would a pilot do that…he’s at work on his job…priority to fly the company expensive commercial jet and get people safely to their destination…that would not be appreciated…lol

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It sais very clear he was a pax so no need to be focused.

If it’s smart is another question…

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One question… WHY??? Is a professional pilot that stupid to text his friend on takeoff.
Friend: What r u doin
Pilot: Taking off in an airplane
Friend: Good Luck lol
Pilot: Lol OH GOD(Phone goes dead after plane skids off runway and crashes into a parking garage)

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He was not operating, he was traveling as passenger…

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You would be surprised but companies allow their pilots to have a “controlled rest” in the flight deck, max 40 min this should prevent you from getting into REM sleep but should boost your energy levels.

One pilot at a time ofcourse. ;)

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I wouldn’t be surprised if a lot of interceptions are because the other guy also falls asleep…

Back on topic: this “news” shows more about the level of Fox News, they have no real interesting news to talk about?


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A few things.

-he’s a passenger and not the pilot flying the plane. He’s either commuting to work or heading back home. He’s a pilot and should follow rules set forth. He’s not above anyone else. Unless he was fighting with his gf ;)
-the easiest way to explain is take your cell phone and move it around the mag compass in a cessna 172 and see what happens. Now imagine 50-500(depending on aircraft) people on their cell emitting radio waves at “critical phases of flight” aka landing and taking off. Now under Vfr cond it’s not a big a deal but in ifr every deviation in a read out is critical. It’s going to super tough to explain to pax why they could use in Vfr but not in ifr.
-on longer flights or night flights there usually is nothing to look at. So some pilots read a book, newspaper, and yes listen to music. My Bose headset is noise cancelation and blue tooth and when in cruise(mainly here) flight center or anyone talks on over the radio my music cuts off, so it doesn’t interfere with instructions given.

Hope this clears up any confusion :)

You listen to music while flying? 😁 Don’t you want to listen to your plane? Or is the music not that loud.

Lol. In cruise flight? It’s mostly wind noise. Haha. And since it’s an erj not to many seat can even hear the engine at cruise. It pretty smooth. Not I can say love doing my walk around. Love the sounds of the apus around me, the smell of jet a first thing in the morning. Yea, I love all that. Then take offs and reverse thrusts. Cruise is pretty boring unless you are flying by some awesome cities.

For example

Flew from Chicago to dfw yesterday. Once you get out of Chicago it’s just flat and pretty boring the whole flight.

Now on the flip side, flew from dc to New York. New York to Chicago the day before and that was a nice flight with looks to see. Music and vies for days on that one.