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Wondering if there are any flight teams I could join. I am a grade 3 pilot with 80 hours of flight time and from England.

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Hey there and welcome to the community! I recommend joining IFES (IF Escort Services). We do formation flying, have interactive events, and help pilots to better their flying skills.

Here is where you can apply:

Feel free to PM me for more info. :)


I’ve sent an application off, I’ll be happy to hear from you.

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Thomas Cook IF has just done a group flight. We are very friendly and could do with a good pilot

How could I join?

Pm or go to this Website http:\thomascookif.simdif.com

Pm is so much quicker though

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Okay ill message you, I’ve sent an application off though

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Would be nice yes, I’ve just sent it

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Please pm me now I have emailed you back

Hi I’m looking at arranging military movements in US and UK let me know if your interested in a regular escort

IFM Is a military va
Contact @JFKPlaneSpotter (i think) to apply
Correct me if I’m wrong

Contact @JFKPlaneSpotter to apply for IFM.

Oh sorry with ill change that

It would be nice if you look here for a choice:

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POSA is a strong VA, with 20 active pilots. Unlike other VAs who have more pilots, half of them are inactive. We are also part of The Skyliner Group, and are happy to accept pilots. TSG has more than 100 pilots, with 5 VAs in play, and are gaining more pilots literally everyday. We are the Safest VA in play, and we hope to see you as a pilot on POSA. If you would like to apply for a job, visit our [Old Website] (www.portsideairva.wix.com). Fill out the form, and then you will become a pilot of POSA. If you have any other questions, contact @PlanesForLife, our COO or @FedoraPilot, our CAO.


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Check out the VA data base where majority of the VIrtual Airlines are listed.

There are a wide range of VAs from those that are based on real life airlines and operate accordingly, whilst others are more informal in how they are set up and operate.

Check them out and of course you can join more than one!!

Happy flying!

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