Pilot summary

my pilot history is wrong how do i fix i’m in class 3 and it appears that i’m in class 2

Just checked your account. You should be grade 3. Can you restart your app, and see if that works? If not, try spawning in for a quick flight on training or casual server, and that should help.

how to solve this problem?

Ah I see now. Those aren’t your current stats. Those were your stats when the data was recorded. Don’t worry, you are actually grade 3 in the app

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Adding on to what Drummer said, Jason has mentioned previously that the original plan is for this to be an annual recap at the end of each year.

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there is no way to solve it?

There is not an issue. When those stats were recorded, it was a snapshot of your stats on the day it was taken. This doesn’t Reece the your real time stats. Are you still able to access expert server in app?

I’m not having a problem or just wanted to know if I had to fix this there but thank you very much for your help

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Unfortunately, no since those don’t update in real time.


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