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Hello! I’ve tried looking for any topic related and I couldn’t come across any on particular. I was wondering if anyone knows of a good, decent priced pilot store? I’m looking for just aviation related items: models/shirts/track pads/books/…etc!! Love to hear everyone’s suggestions below!!

Aviation stuff? I’m not quite too sure
Maybe search what u want on Amazon or EBay

I mean amazon has it all

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“Decent priced” define that lol

Are you talking about actual pilot gear like charts/plotters/kneeboards etc?

or like aviation fan merchandise?

Well, for models I would suggest Gemini jets as they are relatively cheap and high quality, and for shirts and things like that, I would suggest Air Force proud 95’s merch as that is also quite funny! But you’re can’t really get all of them at one place!

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Oh ya! I haven’t even bothered trying that yet, lol!

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This website does alot of aviation related items. However the one thing it does not do are models, but they may come in the future as they are always bringing out new items for sale

Edit: They also have alot of deals on usually, like from 10% off to 25% off. They have black friday sales, Christmas time sales, easter sales…etc…you name it!

Very good reviews and all! Love it! Trust these guys alot

You could also try, they have a few items for sale. Quite some funny ones too

Well, like. Some websites may charge more than other stores for the same items. Also, prices that are reasonable…for example, I’m not going to buy an 80$ t shirt.

More like fan merchandise.

That’s a bummer, so for models you’d recommend Gemini jets? I haven’t heard but I’ll check that out for sure! Thanks for the feedback!

I did not know they owned a store!! Haha! I love their content! I’d have to give their shop a look for sure then! Thanks for your feedback!!

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The airport tag shop has way more items that ATC memes, but have a look at both…its your choice.

I think I may have came across them at somebody point when I was searching for stuff. I didn’t look too deeply into their website. Since you brought up the fact that they have good reviews and products, I’ll have to check them out!! Thanks for your suggestion!!

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Alrighty! Thanks a lot! I really appreciate it! :)

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There is also The Airplane Shop in Las Vegas, Miami, and New Jersey. It is a plane model lovers paradise! They literally have everything there.

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