Pilot sleeping in Business class

Ok I’ve just landed from a Delta flight between JFK-LHR and I was about to kick down to get some sleep when the pilot comes out of the Cockpit and sleeps in the chair behind me! He pulled down a seat cover which looked like a small tent. What do you all think? Is this wierd or not?


What aircraft? Usually the crew have designated resting places.


It was a Boeing 767-300ER

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Hmm. They should have designated areas where they can rest. Maybe they came back for another reason?


767 don’t have a seperate crew rest area like larger Wide body so they have designated seats like you saw. From what I have heard they are not popular for rests. Odd they have a rest on a JFK-LHR flight though. Normally that’s such a short flight only need a 2 crew operation.


I thought the same because it was only 6 hours 45 mins but it’s not a 16 hour flight

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depens on company and plane configuration. Some has first class or business for pilot to rest

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Yeah, I flew Norwegian in early November JFK - LGW. We blasted across the Atlantic in 6 hours 5 minutes!

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I’ve seen on documentaries with my not so keen eyes. Pilots may go the seating area if they need some rest. A quick nap.

what chair was the pilot sleeping at?

Usually their 3-4 pilots when they took rest out of the cockpit

I always see this when flying transatlantic with Delta, they usually even tell everyone on board too that their will be a pilot leaving the cockpit to get some rest too before the flight, at least from my experience. Another thing could be how many hours the pilots been on the clock, maybe then flew in on a shorter regional flight and now they need to fly somewhere else.

Perhaps it was a check airman or some sort of supervisor or just a deadheading pilot who wanted a nap outside the noise of the cockpit.

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7A i wasn’t in 6A

He might have been a pilot in transit for the return flight

I tought bough pilots were supposed to be in the cockpit. After that suicidal Lufthansa pilot crashed the A320.

I’m operating on the assumption this crew member was a supernumerary, not one of the two pilots responsible for the aircraft at the moment

Another Pilot covering FO or cabin crew cover?

There will ALWAYS be two flight crew in the cockpit. Depending upon the length of the flight there may be 3 or even 4 pilots on board. This might have been a route check with a check Captain who, after completing a single sector check, may have taken the opportunity for a break in the cabin.

It’s not unusual and is regulated.


I’ve seen this before. It’s normally because they need a rest and they’re are no rest areas. Even though it’s a short flight maybe it was the return flight for that crew so they needed a rest?