Pilot Shortages Virgin Australia

Hello so in Australia there is a airline called Virgin Australia an they need pilot but i just wanted you guys to see this vid Thankshttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rNAaiwXO74M

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Surely they put me in the cockpit. Though it really depends how desprate they are.

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Haha ye they just lost like a Mil if you watch the vid

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This is a problem around the world especially with the ME3.

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I hope they get more pilots

I think the whole aviation industry is in need for pilots, which is why wages are increasing significantly.

I thought pilot shortages were a thing of the whole world.

I’m sure I’m a good candidate!

If I lived in Australia…

And were of age…

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Every Airline is literally getting rammed by pilot shortages we have great luck!

Pilot shortage is probably the best thing that is going to happen for future pilots like me and others. Ik this is about the pilot shortage for Virgin Australia, but I can imagine that 90% - 95% of the airlines worldwide are struggling to keep up with the demand of passengers

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